made by Peak; adopted by fear


Chrys is a thin, lithe dragonet. She does not have much muscle mass but is strong nonetheless. She is also a bit taller than your average hybrid. Her right wrist is adorned with a few bracelets (one rubber bracelet, one aquamarine-and-silver bracelet, and one Fitbit).

Chrys could pass for an average two-way hybrid. Her main scales are a brilliant white like the clean ice of a skating rink. Small gills line her neck, small, iridescent, violet-sea green spots on the tip of each. A sheen of light violet starts at her shoulders and is slightly visible down the rest of her body. Her wings resemble a SeaWings, as she holds them like one and she uses them more for swimming. Chrys prefers to keep the undersides of her wings tinted with any shade of blue, although the tint will change due to strong emotions.

The spines on her back resemble those of a NightWing's due to the mix between a SeaWing's and IceWing's. The webbing isn't too visible, as it is closer to her back than the top of her spines. The webbing is clear and she cannot change the color of it. The horns on Chrys's head resemble a SeaWing's, though they are as long as an IceWing's. Her eyes are a light blue radiating outwards to a darker color near the edges. She is good at keeping her negative emotions from showing on her face and is either smiling or has a neutral expression.

Her tail curves slightly at the end, being prehensile.


- Can breathe underwater for three hours

- Good at swimming even though she has no webbing between her claws

- Average at flying

- Prehensile tail

- Can see underwater but not in the dark

- Does not have venom or frostbreath

- No resistance to cold

- Can play the drums


She's going to be slightly different from Peak; a bit more extroverted and honest and much more musical

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