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"Oh, hello, nice to meet you. Do you like vegetables?"
- Chlorophyll



"No, I’m not cold. For moons sake stop asking that.”"
- Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll’s scales are mixes of dark browns and dark greens. Her horns/claws are dark, dark green. Her wing membranes are light green, and her eyes are the same. Chloro’s underbelly is a pale green that is almost white. She is not very muscular, but is very tall for her age.

Chloro likes to wear t-shirts with wavy and tie-die patterns. She usually wears loose, flexible pants.


"You look bored. Hehe, welcome to the club."
- Chlorophyll

Chloro is a very responsible dragon. She is confident in her abilities, as well as very laid back. Chloro is rather obedient, sometimes a little too obedient. She doesn’t like denying others what they want from her, because she feels the need to listen to them. That trait has caused her to make some bad decisions in her life, but she has more-or-less grown out of it.

Chlorophyll is very easygoing, which is why she makes friends quickly. She is not stubborn when it comes to most things, and looses arguments often, even though she is smart. The time when Chloro gets annoyed most is when dragons tell her she’s strange because she is never too cold or too hot.



  • Chlorophyll is the name of a pigment found within plants
  • Chloro is Misty’s first MFP character


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