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Chicory has the colors of dark brown, tan,and chestnut red. Her horns and claws are dark brown and she has green eyes. And her wings are metalic silver.


Chicory is a mindful dragon who loves to include others in what ever she is doing, wether its in a group or alone she like to make dragons not feel left out. She is a Bigwings and loves her little sibs so much that she is kind of over protective with them. She is also self conscious about herself and her decisions.


Alright time to explain the wings. You see when Chicory was born she was the Bigwings and took care of her brother and sister and is very protective of them. One day when Chicory was patroling with her sibs they were attacked by a group of dragons, confronting them while her siblings got away the group pinned her and cut off her wings and took them for good measure,and left Chicory to die on the mud bank. Fortunelly Chicory's sibs came back with renforcements and help her recover from the awful attack. Living without wings made Chicory more humble and mindful about herself and others. Later in her life Chicory heard that their was a animus who was helping heal dragons from sicknesses and missing limbs. Rushing over to meet them Chicory told her tale to the animus and asked for better wings. Agreeing to this the animus gave Chicory silver wings that never got tired and were fire proof. Thanking the animus Chicory returned to her sibs happy and confident.


Chicory has normal Mudwing abilities and also wings that never get tired and are fire proof.


Tumble: Being Tumble's big sister Chicory loves him very much and likes to wrestle and rough house with him.

Branch: Chicory's little sister likes to do more quiet things like make flower crowns or go on long walks and so does Chircory.

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