Background Information
Creator The Shadowstalker
Main Attribute N/A
Elemental Attribute Plants
Theme Animal N/A
Theme Color Pink
Theme Song N/A
Character Information
Age 11
Gender Female
Occupation Spy for the LeafWings and The Scorpions
Tribe LeafWings
Goal To destroy the HiveWings
Nickname Blossom
Residence The Poison Jungle
Relatives Almond (Brother)

Tiger (Adoptive sibling)

Allies Tiger, Almond, LeafWings
Enemies HiveWings
Likes Wet trees, The Poison Jungle
Dislikes Tiger (sometimes), HiveWings, dry land
Powers and abilities Can control plants
Weapons Plants, claws, teeth
Quote How did I ever deal with you?


She has brown scales with hints of pink and brown/red horns and claws. She has bright pink eyes and dark brown spikes going down her neck and tail. Her underbelly is pale brown. He also has red brown wings with spots of pink.


Cherry is a fierce LeafWing, and always finding ways to defeat HiveWings. She is very loyal to her tribe. She's acts sweet to other dragons be for she strikes.


Cherry can control plants like Sundew. She can easily manipulate dragons then when they least expects it she strikes.



Tiger and Cherry are friends but sometimes they disagree on things and fight; a LOT.


Almond and Cherry are brother and sister. They look out for each other, and will do anything for the other.


Work in progress.

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