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Checker has cherry red scales mixed with a few more translucent red scales, a bit like a lollypop. Her underscales are a redish pink that’s a bit misty, but translucent. Her eyes are a blue like the sky. Her wings are red with spots of lighter red and misty red, and more translucent red, they have circles of yellow like a yellow lollipop. Her antenna are yellow too.

For her body shape, Checker is average size, she is a bit chubby.

Checker often has a cute confused look on her face.


Checker is very happy. She smiles a lot, and often dances to songs she has stuck in her head. She never can just walk down the street, she‘ll be snapping her claws, or walking around happily.

Others think of her as confident or extroverted, and she seems that way, but she isn't. She's self conscious, and get very nervous about talking to other dragons.

She doesn't like to talk to dragons she doesn't know very well, but after she gets over the introduction she's usually good.

Checker struggles to get to know others, and often feels left out by almost everyone. She has many friends but not close ones. She wants closer friends, but it feels like no one wants her to be her close friend.

She loves others easily, not romanticly usually. She can often remember the moments she realized she loves someone.


Checker had a very normal childhood. Her parents were good, and she had sister too.

She wanted to be a singer when she grew up, so she works on singing lots.

Thats literally it.


  • Stutter by Marianas Trench
  • All Apologies by Nirvana
  • Show Me The Way by Billy Talent
  • Eastside by Benny Blanco, Halsey and Khalid
  • Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen


  • The most extroverted introvert.


Mom- Checker and her mom are close. They get along most of the time, and are quite alike, other than that her mom is a bit more outgoing.

Dad- Checker and her dad are close, too. They work together well, and often deal with things that the other one deals with.

Sister- Checker and her sister have an good relationship. They don’t fight very often, but Checker often feels pressured by her to do certain.

Friends- Checker has a couple of close friends, who she has lots of fun with.

Not as close friends- Lots of these dragons who Checker considers not as close are people she has spent time with, but not by themselves. They mean a lot to her, and wishes they were closer.


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