Chasm is an Icewing with a small amount of Nightwing genetics. Her scales are white with some steel-blue highlights, plus a row of black scales running down her throat and a diamond-like pattern of black scale markings along her lower legs. She has dark blue eyes and black claws. Like other Icewings, Chasm has a high cold tolerance and can breathe frostbreath.  However, she is somewhat less resistant to bright light than the rest of her tribe.


Chasm was hatched a few generations after the events of the second arc. During that time, the animosity between the Nightwings and Icewings had decreased considerably, but the ranking system and traditions of the Icewing tribe generally remained unchanged.

As a seven year old dragonet, Chasm enrolled as a student at the Jade Mountain Academy when a space in the Copper Winglet became open. She specifically requested to attend, partly out of curiosity and partly due to her suspicion with the tribe's rules. Later, she met a Nightwing named Void in the nearby Rainforest Kingdom.  Perhaps this was in defiance of the Icewing traditions, but she insists the two of them were meant to be together from the beginning. After Chasm and Void decided to become mates they moved near Jade Mountain due to the climate being more suitable for an Icewing than the Rainwings' domain. They have a son, Blackspine, who is currently dating a Skywing.


Chasm is naturally suspicious, and she is quite skilled at spotting discrepancies and contradictions. She is quick thinking but also easily provoked or frustrated.  Chasm has an anarchistic streak as well, which is partially due to her frustration with the Icewing dragonet circles and rankings.

One of her favorite things to do is to explore mountain peaks, especially during snowstorms. She is studious and interested in learning about other tribes, which is part of the reason she desired to enroll at the Jade Mountain Academy. She enjoys studying scrolls, especially ones about the geography, plants and wildlife of Pyrrhia.

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