silkwing, named after the cecropia moth


Usually in Ichneumon Hive by his Lady's side, is Cecropia. To some dragons, he appears to be terrifying, or just a random SilkWing following the kind Lady Ichneumon. But, as you turn around to get a better look at him, he gives you a creepy stare, one without any emotion, just boiling anger.

Cecropia is quite plump, with blood red scales mixed with orange. A ring of white scales surrounds his neck, which swirls around his body all the way to his tail, leaving small circles of black while more white surrounds it, an odd colour for a SilkWing. Massive antennae sprout from his head while his dark horns sit close together. Cecropia's eyes are cold and dark blue, like the ocean.

His wings though, are a different subject. They're massive and coloured as if someone had melted shadows and the sun into a large pot and flung it at his wing membranes. Near the front part of his wings is dark gray, with small dots with no colour surrounding them, and orange nears the middle area until it seems to die out and become a dull brown.


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