Cecropia is a young male SilkWing living in Jewel Hive with his parents, Pellucid and Atlas. He is the second Silkwing to arrive in Pyrrhia, the first beingLuna, a female Silkwing from Cicada Hive. Cecropia washed up on an island off the southern coast of the Rainforest Kingdom but swam to the mainland.


Cecropia looks severe and pensive and is on the inside. He can be serious and solemn and uses that as a shield to block out the world. This "shield" can also block out compliments or jokes intended for him, so Cecropia has a horrid sense of humour.


Cecropia has sharp and severe features, such as sunken cheekbones and sharp shoulders. He has olive green scales and a butter yellow underbelly, with white and yellow antennae. After his metamorphosis in the Rainforest Kingdom, his wings were described to be golden and slightly transparent like the sun during the rainy season.


Early Life

Cecropia was born and raised in Jewel Hive, taking occasional trips to Mantis Hive to visit his grandparents. His father was an artist and his mother was a mosaic designer, earning them enough scales to get by. Nothing significant happened early in his life until the storm that brought Luna to Pyrrhia carried Cecropia away. 

Life in Pyrrhia

Cecropia landed on an island south of the Rainforest Kingdom a day after Luna. He spent a few more days on the island recovering and eventually mustered the strength to swim to the coast. A group of RainWings and NightWings washing clothes in the ocean found him, bringing him to the healers promptly.


  • Cecropia is named after the Cecropia Moth, a species of moth native to North America.
  • He is the second Pantalan dragon to arrive in Pyrrhia, the first being Luna.
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