"You have to be kidding me. Again?"


Catfish is often described as an introvert valuing alone time. He has few friends due to being kicked out from the Mud Kingdom. If you make him angry he will most likely become passive agressive or just simply give you the silent treatment. When his anger boils up to a point he can become very agressive. The point most dragons don't seem to get though is that his anger had been bottled up for a while. He wants to make friends but always seems to come out being rude. He can be very kind though in helping others through rough times. He can usually identify why the dragon has those feelings. He has a knack for hunting due to being very strong and being able to breath frost breath. 


When he was very small he thought he was very special. When he was a few months old he discovered he could breathe frost. He could'nt remember where his Icewing father went and his mother refused to tell him. He was secluded from other members of his tribe because his mom didn't want the queen to figure it out. His mother was still very kind to her son and tried to give him the best life she could. Soon though, Catfish longed to go to school instead of being homeschooled. His only friend was a Rainwing named Ray. Ray helped him sneak out into the main part of the Mudwing Kingdom. Soon enough, he was figured out by the queen and sent to jail. Ray on the other hand had a marvelous idea. She disguised herself as a Mudwing and visited the prision. She put the guard to sleep and took the keys to Catfish's cell. They went through the back door and escaped to the marshes.  They gathered supplies and decided to camp out near the border between the Mud and Sky Kingdoms. The next day however, Ray miraculously dissapeard. In her place was a dragon scale that ended up being animus enchanted. The scale teleported him to "The School for Misfits and Hybrids." That is where he had been ever since.


Catfish leans much more to the Mudwing side when it comes to his appearance. He has maroon scales that look red in sunlight. His spikes that rippled along his back perked up when he sensed something dangerous. The inside of his wings were splashed with silver and look like an upcoming storm. He always kept himself well groomed so that the red in his scales would show to anyone passing by. He had black eyes, which looked like a void in space. His tail had plenty of spike which helped him in battle. His bulky build made him look intimidating along with tall point horns.

Ray- Super positive

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Background Information
Creator 01Kira10
Main Attribute Silver wings
Elemental Attribute Rust
Theme Animal Corn snake
Theme Color Maroon/Silver
MBTI Personality INTJ
Character Information
Age 7 DY
Gender Male
Orientation Straight
Occupation Student
Tribe IceWing/Mudwing
Goal To find Ray
Residence Mist's School for Misfits and Hybrids
Relatives TBA
Allies TBA
Enemies TBA
Likes Mud/Full moons/Caves/Large spaces/Reflections in water/Ice/Snow/Birds/Stars/Missions/planning/Missions/Strategy games/Fish/Black/Being active
Dislikes Rain/Bugs/Things not going his way/Parties/Being Lonely/Small spaces/Seal/Warmth/
Powers and abilities Can breathe underwater for 30 min, Look at bright light, Use frost breath, Swing large spikes on tail, hide in mud, powerful
Weapons Carries around a pocket knife
Quote "Why this much homework?"


Small gif of him

Screen Shot 2019-08-31 at 7.04.14 PM

Original drawing of him


By dew


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