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Little Ghost... What dreams we share...

hey, hey, hey! nice to meet you, if there's anything you need or any questions you have about my characters, feel free to tell me <3

look below for my characters!! have a great rest of your day and i hope you find what you're looking for

while you're here, feel free to listen to some of my tunes while sitting back and reading, please do enjoy and take care of yourself

most of my characters aren't finished but still please enjoy looking at them if you ever so want to, i mean that's why you're here, no? if you find yourself lost you may always return here and find out more about my characters

i do a lot of terrible things to my characters so just be weary of that. some are sad,,, some are happy and some are just,,, always grumpy

this is just a place where i can organize my characters by their tribes, include links to their pages if you ever want to take a look at the list, will also include characters who don't have pages, sadly these won't have links. You can find them here!


♕ = sona
♘ = collab
♖ = done
♗ = for contest
♙ = adopted
♂️ = male
♀ = female
⚲ = nonbinary / genderless

➳ m u d w i n g s ➳
➳ s a n d w i n g s ➳
➳ s k y w i n g s ➳
➳ s e a w i n g s ➳
➳ i c e w i n g s ➳
➳ r a i n w i n g s ➳
➳ n i g h t w i n g s ➳
➳ s i l k w i n g s ➳
➳ h i v e w i n g s ➳
➳ l e a f w i n g s ➳
  • Barra ♂️
  • Vagabond ♀
  • Imopoea ♀
➳ h y b r i d s ➳
➳ t r i b e l e s s ➳

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