This character was created by Sby & Adopted by Serenity

Please don't use him without permission.

The coding was done by Deafening.

Loyalty is awesome unless you brag about it

c a r p e n t e r
artist joy sng & colored by serenity
b a c k g r o u n d
creator sbyman & adopted by serenity
main attribute loyalty
elemental sky
theme animal guard dog
theme colour black
theme song the fighter

(gym class heroes)

i n f o r m a t i o n
age 16
gender male
occupation soldier
tribe hivewing

protect queen wasp

destroy leafwings


queen wasp

other soldiers



some silkwings

few hivewings

likes order and power

lazy dragons

disloyal dragons


his claws

weapons (from wasp)


Carpenter has yellow and blackish red scales dotted with black scales all over, pale yellow underscales, extra muscular body, and regular HiveWing wings. His wing membranes extremely pale and mostly transparent, and he has brown eyes and HiveWing horns. His head is a slightly more orange-yellow colour.

I am Carpenter the HiveWing, I would like to apply for a soldier position.


Carpenter believes he is the most loyal soldier to ever roam Pantala. He thinks that there is no need for Wasp to mind-control him, as he does exactly what she orders either way.

Because of this, lots of dragons find him annoying ah, but he has no idea. He thinks that everyone must like him because he is "so special."


Abilities and Weaknesses

He has venom in his claws, which he uses all the time to kill prey. He can eminate a horrible stench and gets mad when other dragons joke that he passed gas or that he has terrible B.O.

He is terrible at judging other's opinions of him. He thinks that literally everyone wishes they were him, which is very wrong.

Wasp shouldn't mind-control me. I mean, I would die if I betrayed her.


Queen Wasp

Carpenter is 100% loyal to Wasp. He literally would never betray her, even without mind control. He thinks she is the #1 best HiveWing.

Other Soldiers

Carpenter treats the other soldiers as his closest companions, but they actually find him quite annoying. He doesn't know this though, and often he tries to move into the other's conversations.


Carpenter has a pretty normal HiveWing life, despite the fact that he thinks he's better than everyone else.

When Carpenter was younger, he knew right away he wanted to be a solider for the Queen. His parents were both extreme loyalists, and still are. Carpenter became a solider partially out of the fear his parents would disown him if he didn't work for the Queen.

Yo dudes, it's Loyalbee!

everybody likes me!!