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Background Information
Creator Rainstorm
Main Attribute Death
Elemental Attribute Darkness and Flirting!
Theme Animal Black Cat
Theme Color Indigo
Theme Song None...she

hates music

MBTI Personality WIP
Character Information
Age 10
Gender Female
Occupation Assassin
Tribe DeathWings
Goal None yet
Residence Moves around
Relatives Orphan
Allies Very few dragons
Enemies Pretty much


Likes Death, darkness
Dislikes Sunshine,


Powers and abilities Regular DeathWing abilities
Weapons Daggers
Ships Deathbringer

psshhh what? Deathbringer? No way! Morbid

Quote "If you want to

live, get out."

"Tomorrow, it's lights-out for you."

in a nutshell: a small, flirty, cute deathwing who's probably going to kill you.

"Don't look at me. You'll go insane."


Cari has regular DeathWing scales, except hers are tinted slightly with indigo and are less transparent. Her skull mask was removed long ago, so her slender, pretty snout always shows. Her eyes are black speckled with red, unlike most other DeathWings. Cari has venom in her claws, but she rarely ever uses those to kill.

"Yes, I'm amazing. Any more questions?"


Cari is kind of a mysterious dragon on the outside. She is pretty funny to most dragons, except when she's killing them. Cari is a flirty, cute dragon. She secretly likes visiting different kingdoms for sightseeing, and loves reading about different battles throughout history. Cari doesn't care about how she looks, but she is very careful about what she says.

"My life is like one big story of death"


Cari's egg was laid on Skull Island, but it was kidnapped by a dark, unknown dragon and taken to the mainland. The dark dragon stayed while she hatched just to remove her skull mask. Cari had to grow up fending for herself. She grew up killing passing dragons to steal their supplies, and also stole things from kingdoms or tribe outposts. When she was nine, she met Deathbringer on the continent, and they became close friends (maybe too close). Then he mysteriously left. To this day, Cari hopes to find him again and give him a piece of her mind. When Cari turned ten, she discovered her island and her tribe. Unfortunately, she did not stay to live there, but she continued spying on her tribe mates and queen.

"I don't have friends."


The Ultimate Ship-0
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Morbid: Kay so there's no romantic feelings yet but there WILL be! #CORBID. Cari secretly likes Morbid because he's impulsive and quick-acting like her. She knows that he is actually lonely and misunderstood, like she once was. Because of this, she believes she can make him whole again.


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