Captain Twister for PrinceMirageoftheSkyWings

Made by Stoatbramble

Captain Twister is a SkyWing and a NightWing hybrid, born under one moon giving him the power to foresee the future. He is also an animus.


Twister has orange scales and a light shade of yellow of rhis underbelly. His Wings are turning orange to black or purple-ish color while his wing membrance has the night sky full of stars. Twister being an animus, he wears a golden armband to contain the magic from affecting his soul. 


Twister is a sweet, kind dragon but can get easily angered when messing with his mate, Tigerlily, his dragonets, Eclipse and Brightwatcher, or his family members. Its best if you don't insult him. Twister is knowledgeable about most things, especially animus magic. He has hardly ever used magic for entertainment but he sometimes forget that he is an animus.


Twister was born under a full moon, thanks to his father remembering a few tales of the original NightWing Kingdom and their powers. His sister, Aurum, was born a few days later. His mother, Dawn, was a SkyWing while his father, Obsidian was a NightWing Animus.


"Prepare for battle!" Twister ordering SkyWing Troops

"Well....just this once..." Twister being defeated in a conversation

"Will do!" Twister replying to Mirage


Mirage: Twister loves Mirage like a brother and will protect him as he protected Twister.

Aurum: His sister. They sometimes get into arguments but will eventually get along.

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