c a l l e t a

belongs to forest. designed by fear.

please do not take. that should go without saying.

leta // rain/silk // female // modern // bambi lesbian

Artist fear
Creator 🔥
Code 🔥
Attribute idiosyncrasy
Element confidence
Color dark gray // pastels
Aesthetics charcoal // dust // pastels // laughter // earrings // friendship // honesty // light // pencil
Nicknames leta
Age 16 (hy) // 7 (dy)
Gender female
Orientation homosexual asexual
Occupation student
Tribe rainwing/silkwing
Goal type here
Residence poison
Relatives -
Allies adelina, family
Enemies -
Quote you feel that? that's what magic feels like.

Calleta's palette is softer, less abrasive than that of most RainWings or SilkWings. She's colored with dark grays and soft pastels, the colors usually only shifting slightly. She doesn't change colors well, and her main scales usually remain shades of dark gray, the color only lightening and darkening slightly at her most intense moods.

Meanwhile, her topscales are constantly shifting unless she's completely focused on something, they ripple, periwinkle giving way to wisteria, which shifts into bubblegum pink. Her pastel topscales resemble oil, over the dark water of her main scales, the color permanently shifting. Pastel rainbows flow over her scales, soft and pleasing.

Calleta's figure is softer, less lean muscle and more round fat. She's not particularly athletic, instead being short and leaning on the pudgier side. Much of modern media offers two "attractive" options for females: tall and willowy, or small and petite. Calleta is neither, being short and round and generally huggable.

Her expression is usually sweet and generally approachable. She's typically laughing at something, or at least smiling to herself. Calleta looks like someone you could potentially befriend.

  • mostly dark gray and pastels
  • doesn't change colors well, can't do bright colors, only shades of gray and desaturated colors
  • average height
  • a little bit chubby??? just kind of soft and squishy and huggable
  • generally looks sweet and approachable, usually laughing
  • constantly changing the color of her topscales, looks kind of "oily"

hey you, can I learn your flavor?

it's brand new, now it's in the papers

all I seem to see, must be something underneath

  • popular but doesn't know
  • naive and childish
  • friends with a lot of people
  • really independant
  • has her own style and rocks it
  • ignorant of social classes and that's why people like her- she'll be friends with anyone
  • main scales are monochrome
  • has trouble changing the colors of her scales
  • feathery antennae
  • "striped" pastels

hard on the call, I guess it comes from your heart

cause when your head's right, you take your time

its something about the love of things you like



hey, trendsetter, see your fire when the strobe hits you

i, i didn't see who you came with

bet you're looking for something new



bulletproof on another level

i head up the crew, select never settles

it only gets better the more you see


powerful and free, confidence is key

so watch me, figure it out

it's all about what you bring to the crowd



Where your preference is love, they're calling me over

Set your fire on me, like what I see you getting closer



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