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Lives in Infinitum City.


No! Why didn't I do it?!?

California is a IceWing/MudWing. (Based of the US Californian rabbit). She has little light grey stripes running down her whole body, and has brown wings, and a green-brown underbelly. Except for that her whole body is unusually white.

California's eyes look deadly, because they are glowing, wide, blood-red eyes. Only that they aren't deadly, and always seem joyful, sometimes even sad, never angry.

Her body shape looks more like a MudWing's, and her wing's shape are a IceWing's.

California's ears are big, always pointing up, like a rabbit's ears, and her snout looks just a bit like a rabbit's nose.


Can you please stop?

California is a doesn't-like-talking-much-unless-I-have-too kind of dragon.

No, she isn't calm, not at all.

California likes jumping around, up and down, hopping from place to place, or even dancing. She is indeed a energetic little dragon, she just don't-talk-much.

Of course, when dragons need help, she helps them. How can I not? She'll think. California thinks its guilty not helping when someone is hurt. Sometime's she doesn't even know what to do, but she always tries.

California tries to be helpful, and very loyal to her leaders.

Everyone thinks she is "Too jumpy" in fact, that they think she is like a RainWing, but surprisingly, that doesn't affect her at all!


As embers fall,

As waves kiss the shore.

As scales of blue touch the dawn,

Dragons of sky will be no more.

Night and Ice will bind,

Mud and Rain will die.

And the leaves across the sea,

Will rule the land in kind.

-Moonwatcher, the Dying Flame Prophecy.


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"Lalalala!"-Jumping and hopping.


-Made for a contest.


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