Female | California | SkyWings | Student at the JMA

Creator StVelociraptor
Infobox No one.
Aliases Cali
Attribute type here
Element Fire
Color Red
Animal Hummingbird
Song No
Age Four
Gender Female
Orientation No
Occupation Student
Tribe SkyWing
Goal Doesn't have one.
Residence Small village at the base of the Claws of the Clouds mountains.
Relatives No
Allies Karakoram, Elf, Theraphosidae, Sabatia, Sinai
Enemies TYROLITE, Velocity, Topaz
Likes Flowers, flying, exploring Pyrrhia, wandering around, getting lost, being with her friends, writing, READING, drawing, talking, attention
Dislikes ORANGES. LIQUID MEDICINE. Getting sticky/dirty/uncomfortable/wet, rain, mud, grumpy dragons, the dark, the desert.
Powers Normal SkyWing abilities, firescales.
Weapons None.
Love Interests Elf, Karakoram, Topaz (formerly)
Quote "Why are you mad at me? I didn't do anything! Honest! Oh, except that one time I told everyone about your crush, but I totally didn't mean to!"

California's scales are a brilliant red, like the petals of a poppy. Her underbelly is nearly the same hue but with more of an orange undertone. Her wings resemble her underbelly, though they're a tint paler and gold veins snake through the membranes. Her eyes are the color of blue fluorite, while her horns are black with gold bands.

Many things can be said of California, but if there's anything you need to know it's that she's fun-loving and hardworking. Of course she's also stable, understanding and kind, but these are in a way balanced by being gullible, attention-seeking, absent-minded, and a tad hateful as well. Her fun-loving nature though, this is what she's most popular for. On many occasions dragons can count on this and her generosity when they're in need of support. Nobody's perfect of course and California has plenty of character faults too. Her superficial nature and maliciousness aren't exactly fun to deal with and make things uncomfortable to say the least. Fortunately her hardworking nature is usually there to soften the blows.

California can control her firescales (most of the time). Outside of that, she has no other extraordinary powers besides her SkyWing speed and skill.


Her Mother:


Velocity is Cali's stuck-up cousin. He prances around the JMA like a prince and it drives her CRAZY! She loathes him for being so arrogant and often dreams of strangling him with his own tail.


  • Velocity is based off of my brother because he acts like he knows everything sometimes and it's super annoying.
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