Calavera is a female Deathwing, around 7 years old. Unlike other Deathwings, she always wears her All Death Day attire. Her skull mask is always painted, with a yellow flower painted on the forehead, spirals on her face's side and crown, and violet highlights near her eyes. She also wears a marigold crown, and sports purple and dark purple paint on her wing membranes. She has abnormally long fangs. She also is often seen holding a candle.


She was born as any old Deathwing, and had a fairly normal childhood. It was her teen years that made her who she is. When she turned 5, both of her parents were killed. They lived on the fringes of the Deathwing frontier, and were attacked by a passing Skywing. Calavera was horribly traumatized. She brought her parents' ashes to Cypress Island a year later, and had decided to live in seclusion from other. She wanted to always remember her parents, and so vowed to never take off her All Death Day attire, as it was the only thing left she had to remember her parents by.(her belongings were burned in the attack). Ever since then, she can often be seen as a spectre, constantly in mourning and pain. She's only ever interacted with a scant few dragons on accident, and despite her one friend, Nosferatu, attempts to get her to do so more, she refuses.


Calavera is often seen by those that even know her as overly depressed and quiet. It is near impossible to get her outside at the very least. Nosferatu and a few others were a little doubtful that even parents dying wouldn't be enough to cause this much sadness and trauma in a dragon, and conclude it had to be something more. They tried to question her, before but she kept saying it was her parent's death that made her traumatized. Even today, the few friends she has try to get to the bottom of the mystery. On Halloween, with a little encouragement from a certain Deathwing/Rainwing hybrid, she was convinced to leave out candy(particularly candy skulls) for dragonets, though she never comes to the door. She somehow also speaks in Scavenger(Spanish to be precise, which just sounds like gibberish to her friends), though it is unknown how she learned it.
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