Caeli is a female MistWing belonging to the streamy gamer cat, please don't steal! :) wip wip wip wip


  • average mistwing really rip besides the fact she has no wings
  • steel blueish-purple scales with a slight gradient to a darker steel blue
  • practically gray underscales
  • very slightly curved horns
  • no wings, just bone stubs where her wings would be
  • wiry


Caeli is that one dragon with the impossible dreams and whines every damn time about every damn thing. You think you know her, and yet it seems she holds infinite layers underneath.

  • can be childish
  • very competitive
  • strategist but likes action
  • snarky 24/7
  • smart but doesn't act it
  • whines a lot
  • forgets everything
  • forgets things she said
  • says snarky or mean things but is actually kind, she just can't be bothered to show it
  • sees no reason to be nice to dragons when talking as long as they don't hate her
  • cares about others, she just doesn't show it
  • inventor
  • creative
  • brave, sometimes reckless
  • looks down on cowards
  • comes up with new ideas every 5 seconds
  • brain moves faster than her mouth
  • a dreamer
  • talks so fast that even when she is openly kind no one notices
  • likes being in control and having her ideas used
  • can be dismissive of others


  • is really strong from practicing climbing every day
  • wakes up ridiculously early every day
  • likes sunrises
  • writes like she talks
  • wants to be an architect or an engineer in the future
  • was born with a birth defect (no wings)
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