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Mine| Buzzard | Male | Sand/Sky Hybrid | Student

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Background information
Creator PomegranateTheRainWing854
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Theme Song(s) "Whatever it Takes" by Imagine Dragons
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Character information
Age 4
Gender male
Orientation straight
Occupation student
Tribe Sand/Sky hybrid
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Goal type here
Residence Jade Mountain (formerly Scorpion Den)
Relatives type here
Allies he considers hybrids his allies
Enemies Anyone who doesn't accept hybrids, basically everyone
Likes heat, coconuts, exercise, competition, winning
Dislikes Understimulation, sitting still for long periods of time, losing
Powers and abilities SkyWing wings, has "barb" but without stabby thing or poison (it's more of a club)
Weapons can use his club to beat his enimies
Ships none, which is very surprising to him
Quote "I will FIGHT you." - in an argument he was losing

"[Ha! You think you can beat ME!? What is this, some kind of joke? A MudWing, beating a SandWing AND a SkyWing in a race!? This HAS to be a joke!]"
~[Buzzard, after being challenged by Coypu]


Buzzard is a Hybrid who attends Jade Mountain in the Quartz Winglet. Before he attended Jade Mountain, he lived in the Scorpion Den, looked down upon by his mother who saw him as a mistake. His mother hadn't wanted her love for a SkyWing to show, as her family was very proud of their ancestry. He never knew his father. He ran away at the age of 3, and fended for himself from there. He wanted nothing in common with his mother and took his pride for being a hybrid to an almost arrogant level. He started competing to prove himself to himself, and winning became almost therapeutic for him.

"["There is nothing you can do to help me."]"
~[ Buzzard, after Sunny (yes, canon Sunny) tried to help him with his past]


Buzzard is arrogant and cocky. He craves competition and gloats when he wins. What he shows no one is that he does it all to prove himself, to himself. He believes that his athletic skill is more important than anything else. He has a soft spot, but it is very, VERY, hard to get to. However, when and if you get to it, you will have his undying loyalty for LIFE. He is strong-willed because only he can make himself insecure, but don't worry, he does a fine job making himself miserable. He takes criticism extremely harshly and will lash out at the slightest feedback. He can be flirtatious at times, especially after a fight or winning something.

"["You see this? This is what it looks like when you're not just a Pathetic One-Tribe."]"
~[ Buzzard, during a competition in the streets of the Scorpion Den.]


Buzzard's appearance is, admittedly, very majestic. His main body is of a SandWing. He has a SkyWing head, SkyWing wings, and a SkyWing tail. The tip of his tail is of a SandWing, but his "barb" is very unusual. It doesn't have the needle-like part that stabs dragons, or even poison. It's more of a club. He is mostly light orange with red spines and orange wings and legs. His underbelly is a slightly lighter red than his spines.

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Tribe abilities:

  • SkyWing wings
  • Can survive half the time an average SandWing can without water
  • Can withstand heat
  • Slightly weaker fire than the average SandWing or SkyWing


  • Athletic skill
  • Good at combat

Tribe weaknesses:

  • Can't stand cold
  • His club is useless, yet he retains the instinct to raise it when threatened
  • He can't camouflage in the sand like a SandWing can


  • He can't sit still for long
  • He is easily understimulated
  • He isn't very smart, preferring to use brute force to win every situation

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  • He thinks his father was a competition winner in the Scorpion Den
  • He uses "One-Tribe" as a derogitory term for pure-tribe dragons, and it is usually prefaced with the word "Pathetic"
  • One of his favorite solutions to losing an argument is to shout that he will fight the dragon he is arguing with

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