Bumblebee is my own dragon (If you get the reference later on in his profile,then good job) He is still in development, so this is his personality and appearance and other stuff. (sorry if the picture is small, I kept trying to make it bigger but it won't let me) (I might edit Bee later)


Bumblebee's appearance is based off of bombus (bumblebee). His scales are yellow and black, which takes the form of stripes (even though Bee is actually yellow). The spikes and horns of Bumblebee is black while his face is yellow. Other than that, Bumblebee doesn't have any other colors. Bumblebee's eyes are light blue.


Bumblebee is an introvert but optimistic. Whenever he has a dream, he doesn't share it, instead he just writes it down. He is sweet and calm under pressure.


Bumblebee cares a lot about his family. Altough he doesn't speak to his older siblings much, he feels very connected to them.

Stinger is the favorite out of all of Bee's siblings.  He feels like he can speak to her even though he hates to speak. The twins always get in trouble but have a way to get out of it.

Silkmoth and Goliath are the two dragons who Bee thinks as his secondary parents. When Hornet and Drider are out to long, Silkmoth and Goliath always come to take care of their younger siblings.

Hornet and Drider are the two dragons who help Bee out with everything. They are always there for their dragonet and can always tell if something is wrong. In fact that's how they found out about Bee's newfound muteness.

School life

In the fanfiction featuring him and his friends, it was shown that he currently attends the Jade Mountain Academy.

(this is a reference to Bumblebee from Transformers ;) )

Mapleleaf the LeafWing

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