All that is gold does not glitter; not all those who wander are lost; the old that is strong does not wither; deep roots are not reached by the frost. - J. R. R. Tolkien

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Your a natural, living your life controlled
Creator PastelMorning
Main Attribute loyalty
Elemental Attribute soil & mountains
Animal ferret
Theme Color green
MBTI Personality Mediator (INFP)
Age 15 (hy)
Gender Female
Orientation Heterosexual
Tribe HiveWing
Goal to eventually become a professional artist?; to help the environment
Residence Possibility
Allies anyone who likes her; her family & friends
Enemies pretty much no one? anyone who provokes/wrongs her I guess
Weapons her mind & her strength
Quote "Dude, you need Jesus."


Round-shouldered and averagely tall, Bumblebee is physically strong and slightly muscular, with long, powerful limbs. She has a strong jawbone, strong horns/spines/claws, and a sturdy body type. Her four wings are tinted a subtle pale green, and they shimmer with several lighter shades when exposed to sunlight. She has ears larger than the average dragon's, and strong, prominent brows, with large, dark brown eyes fixed in a kind-looking face. Her expression often conveys her internal emotions quite clearly. Her arms, legs, and talons are all dotted with hardly noticeable white scars, and a more prominent large scar circles the back of her left thigh. Her claws, too, are marred with small white scars. Her scales are a warm orange-yellow color, while her underbelly and spines are a quiet dark brown. She has several brown freckles dusting her face and neck, as well as several on her arms and talons. She can almost always be seen wearing a scarf, although she wears a soft green scarf, striped with darker green, the most often. She also wears ebony-rimmed spectacles and two small golden earrings in her left ear. One of her most treasured items is a thin silver chain necklace with two keys - one bronze, one silver - hanging from it.


Bumblebee is an incredibly thoughtful, strong-willed, and altruistic dragon. Her mind is almost always moving, constantly offering new theories and possibilities, only slowing down when Bumblebee is invested in something truly intriguing or difficult. She is extremely curious and will often try things out just for the sake of seeing what happens; if she doesn't understand something, she will most definitely ask about it if she can't come up with an answer herself. She enjoys learning for the most part and considers herself somewhat intelligent, especially in regards to english, literature, specific fields of science, and very specific types of mathematics. She is generally a quite calm and soft-spoken individual; more outspoken around loved ones, but still calm and easygoing for the most part. She is extremely open-minded and nonjudgemental, with a very strong "you do you" mentality.

Bumblebee is extremely fond of worlds other than her own, fantasy worlds in particular. She is extremely creative and possesses a vivid imagination that pursues her throughout the day, always providing wild ideas or colorful daydreams. Her dreams during sleep, too, are quite fantastical.

Perhaps Bumblebee's strongest trait is that of kindness. She usually wants the best for everyone, and strives to be kind to most other dragons. She is always searching for the good in others, and tries to keep in mind that everyone has reasons for the things they do, even if they might seem absurd or unkind on the surface. Situationally, she is driven by her morality and sense of justice, not by reward and punishment; if something is wrong, she cannot help but try to fix it, even if she gets herself into trouble for it. She is a very brave dragon, especially for the sake of those who are suffering or those who cannot stand up for themselves. She heavily dislikes confrontation, though, and will engage in it only if strictly necessary. She also highly appreciates honesty from other dragons, especially if she's doing something wrong; she is not easily offended at all and would rather take the hard truth than an easy lie.

One of Bumblebee's most prominent traits is that of her humor. Wether or not she's actually funny is debatable, but her wisecracking nature are what help Bumblebee to socialize and make new friends the most. Most of her humor and jokes are that of wit, but she and her stepfather have more than their fair share of "your mom" and "your face" jokes. She doesn't tend to take life (or anything else) very seriously, so she confronts most problems, especially her own, with a joke or witty comment at the ready. She could be described as having dry humor by some, and Bumblebee wouldn't blame them - sarcasm and snarkiness are two of her stronger attributes, especially when she wants to make someone angry. She is generally goofy and dorky.

Another very strong trait of Bumblebee's is her loyalty. Bumblebee can say honestly that there has never been a time yet when she has betrayed one of her close friends/family intentionally. It's hard to get to know her, but once you push through Bumblebee's initial distrust and shyness, her loyalty will be overly present.

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Although she very rarely shows it, Bumblebee's internally quite suspicious and distrustful by nature. She doesn't have anxiety, but her overactive imagination and never-ending thoughts often lead her to imagine the worst and become paranoid over literally nothing. She's also suspicious of everyone and everything by nature, and it's very rare that she'll share any secrets or act completely like herself around those she isn't close to. If a random dragon offers her a napkin, for example, she'll wonder if it's got some sort of poisonous sleeping gas on it (like I said, overly suspicious and distrustful).

Although comfortable with herself and her talents, Bumblebee is extremely competitive and hard on herself. Bumblebee knows that several benefits can come out of pushing herself, but she is constantly hounded by an almost dire need to be the best and come out on top, if not somewhere close to it. She's not devastated by any means if she doesn't do well in something, but whenever she does fail she is filled with determination and a personal promise to do better next time.

Due to her personality by nature, Bumblebee is quite self-conscious. This is one of the main contributors to her being so soft-spoken right at first; she doesn't necessarily care what other dragons think of her (most of the time), but she doesn't want to be vulnerable or overly open to anyone brand-new. It is vital for Bumblebee to test the waters and get a feel for the other dragon's personality, interests, and maybe even motivations before considering opening up to them.

Hey, everyone! I've left the Wiki, so I can't add any more relationships, but thanks to all for the support and friendships! You all and Bumblebee alike will always have a special place in my heart! :3


Buzz is someone that Bumblebee trusts and adores, and is truly one of her best friends. Buzz isn't afraid to speak his mind, and will always let Bumblebee know whenever she's being unreasonable or unfair, and this she really appreciates. Buzz has listened, countless times, to Bumblebee's problems and rants, and she always feels better after talking/venting to him. He's a ready listener, always open for creativity, and someone that Bumblebee truly has a special connection with.


Bumblebee adores this dragon. She enjoys talking with her and loves her sense of kindness, compassion, and silliness, and knows that Calico is a good dragon at heart that will always have her back. She's glad they can chat about maned wolves and other animals together, and knows to always refer to Calico whenever she needs cheering up. Calico's one of the kindest, sweetest dragons she's ever met, and thinks very highly of her.


Bumblebee really likes the optimistic SkyWing! She's sad that he's judged so harshly for having firescales, and would really like to become friends with him someday. Dragons like Burstbreeze are dragons that Bumblebee usually has a blast around! She looks forward to getting to know him better in the future.


In Bumblebee's opinion, Dreaming is an admirably humorous and positive dragon. She loves her randomness and the fact that she's unapologetically herself while accepting others for who they are, too. Bumblebee rarely feels judged around Dreaming and is appreciative of this. The two are able to bond over Marvel and Bumblebee greatly enjoys conversing with this dragon.


Bumblebee respects Fantasy, and can relate enormously to her concern about the Earth. She is fond of Fantasy's positive, bubbly attitude, and really hopes they can be good friends one day - Bumblebee is convinced that her own and Fantasy's personalities would form a fountain of wild ideas, inspiration, and creativity. She really appreciates Fantasy's kindness and thoughtfulness.


Bumblebee is unsure of the tribrid. She does not know much about the dragon, so she is not trustful of him yet. However, she would not at all be opposed to the idea of getting to know him better someday!


Bumblebee knows very little of the RainWing, but likes what she does hear - anyone who likes flower crowns has got to be awesome in at least one regard. She looks forward to interacting with Gooseberry more, and hopes that they can get to know one another better.


Bumblebee really appreciates the pretty hybrid's humor, kindness, and happy attitude. She regards Iceberry as a talented, creative individual, and someone she could grab a drink with while they talk about books together. She's glad that they have the opportunity to bond over the burning, painful firepit that has revealed itself in the form of clothes shopping. Also, Hufflepuff pride, baby!


Bumblebee finds Northstar to be a very interesting and respectable dragon, and hopes they can be friends one day. She admires her imagination and creativity, as well as her intelligence, and finds her interest in astronomy and adventure to be very relatable and charming, and something that they could study together if they become companions!


Oh, Ovie. What is there to say? Bumblebee loves this dragon. She is super fond of her quirkiness and always enjoys interacting with this kind tribrid. She adores her art and regards her as an extremely talented, creative, and hilarious individual.


From what Bumblebee knows of Sabotage, she respects him and believes that they could be friends one day. She can relate to (and greatly appreciates) his easygoing and go-with-the-flow nature, although she is still unsure of what she thinks of him. She feels as though they could be friends some day, but just doesn't know enough about him to attempt a relationship.


Bumblebee is quite fond of Saburra. As well as finding her respectable, kind, and intelligent, Bumblebee loves talking to this dragon. Since the beginning of their friendship, Saburra has been welcoming and kind, and Bumblebee appreciates this (more than Saburra knows)! Although intimidated by the SandWing dragoness initially, she has become more comfortable around her and enjoys having conversations with Saburra.

Spyro (#sorrynotsorry)

Bumblebee is very fond of Morpho. She enjoys talking to the pretty RainWing and thinks she's very kind and a good dragon. She really enjoys being in her company, regarding Morpho as just a fun and positive dragon to be around! She never feels stressed out or down around Morpho, and she has a very positive opinion of her.


Bumblebee admires Stormbreak greatly. She is inspired by their intelligence and thirst for knowledge, and is appreciative of their curiousness of the brain, space, and the ocean. Stormbreak is a dragon that Bumblebee respects for their unapologetic bluntness and calm, organized nature, although she will admit that she is intimidated by their intelligence. She regards them as smart and calm, a parallel to some of her own traits, establishing an instantaneous relation between the two. She hasn't had many conversations with the hybrid yet, but believes that they could be companions someday.


Bumblebee has complicated feelings regarding the SkyWing. She likes her bluntness, but feels as though she would become irritated with her negativity quickly if around her for a long period of time. Wildfire is the uncommon type of personality that would likely cause Bumblebee to lash out or yell in frustration. She does not feel as though she can understand or relate to the fiery SkyWing easily, making her feel uneasy and cautious when she thinks about Wildfire. To be frank, personalities such as Wildfire's usually push Bumblebee away.


  • Torchy'sTacosohmygoshitisabsolutelyholy
  • fantastical worlds
  • mythology
  • the desert/Great Pyramids
  • pirates
  • scarves
  • babies and respectful dragonets
  • trench coats
  • gas stations (more specifically, the feast of chips, soda, and cheap hot dogs that lie inside them)
  • mud/wet grass
  • that smell after it rains
  • thrift stores
  • crabs
  • hugs
  • learning about other cultures/religions/groups of people
  • ancient ruins
  • plants and animals
  • Marvel
  • friends and family
  • books and reading
  • coffee and some types of tea (prefers coffee, though)
  • sushi
  • noodles & Asian food
  • Italian food
  • foreign accents (especially fond of Scottish and Australian)
  • artwork
  • dad jokes & bad puns
  • checkers
  • deciphering poetry
  • researching awful but interesting historical events (Holocaust or Russian Revolution, for example)
  • God, angels, Heaven, etc. (she's a Christian gal)
  • some wines
  • fantastical worlds
  • music
  • Gravity Falls
  • Harry Potter
  • hiking/exploring
  • travelling
  • caves
  • video games/arcade games
  • bowling
  • Colorado (birthplace)
  • snow
  • rain
  • train tracks, buildings, the city
  • posters
  • movies and going to the movie theater
  • Clue
  • Exploding Kittens
  • Card games
  • quieter parties/get-togethers (basically just spending time with a few friends/family members at a random place)
  • movie nights


  • math
  • beer
  • animal/environmental cruelty
  • most young dragonets
  • small spaces (claustrophobic)
  • the dark
  • ...society tbh
  • feeling dumb or powerless
  • feeling unloved
  • being alone for a long time; feeling lonely
  • most rap music
  • really harsh lighting or strobe lights
  • cHAINSAWS (from an ABSOLUTELY TRAUMATIZING haunted house experience)
  • discrimination
  • formal dances/events
  • large crowds
  • Disney World
  • demons, Satan, etc.
  • being under pressure
  • being the center of attention
  • spiders

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