things from the blog that reverb wrote - An aristocratic dragonet, who never sits still long enough for her mother to put her jewelry on or polish her scales


Bug has mainly beige colored scales. Her antennae are a scarlet color, and her spines are also this color, but a tad on the orange side. Her back triangles (..?) are also this scarlet orange color. The dots that run down her scales are black, extremely odd for a SilkWing. The dots on her wings are also black and streaks that look like lightning bolts are on the first circle. A band of black scales wrap around her wrist. These black scales are one of the reasons Bug and her family fled from Pantala. Her underscales are a very light grey color. The bottom of her legs are a light orange color.

Bug is a bit on the plump side, despite her not eating a lot and her flying and running around all the time. Her antennas are long and elegant, and her tail is long and thin. Bug’s scales usually shine and are polished. Her body is usually moving in some sort of way. Sometimes, she will hit other dragons with her body on accident. A silk band of jewelry goes across her wing.


Bug seems to NEVER stop moving. No matter if she’s having her scales polished or her jewelry being put on, she doesn’t stop moving.

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