Bronze is a MudWing/SkyWing dragonet. He was originally created by Saburra-the-SandWing, who recently put him up for adoption. Bronze has since been adopted by JadeSky2468.


Bronze looks entirely like a Mudwing, except for a few differences.

Bronze's brown scales are in a pattern of a SkyWing's scales, but the MudWing strip is in the place of the SkyWing strip. His scales are metallic-like, much like bronze and copper (similar to Dawn the SandWing/IceWing Hybrid's scales, which are also metallic-like). He has deep brown eyes, like the color of soggy dirt.

His wing membranes are lava orange.


Dragons who hear Bronze's name may think he's a tough dragon, but in reality, Bronze is a fun-loving and very silly dragonet.

He is obsessed with flying and loves to be active. Because of this, he whines when being told to stay still and not go outside for the day. Bronze also loves eating food, but he is rational, so he eats as much as he needs.

Bronze constantly craves attention and love, and he gets both because of his happy, diverse hybrid family. He also loves making friends everywhere, and has a desire to befriend everybody in the entire world. He is the youngest of his siblings.



He has normal MudWing abilities, such as blending in with mud and breathing underwater for up to an hour. He isn't hatched from a blood red egg, so he has no fire resistant scales.

Bronze was not born with the powerful wings of a SkyWing. He can breathe fire, but his fire is bit more hotter than a standard dragon's. He also breaks the rule of a MudWing's fire breathing conditions since his fire works at all times.

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