“Even the strongest and bravest must sometimes weep. It shows they have a great heart, one that can feel compassion for others.”

NAME Brockwood CREATOR Fyrestørm
RANK Priest of Sanctuary THEME ANIMAL Badger
TRIBE LightWing THEME COLOR Pale green
AGE 59 Dragon Years REALM Light


Description: Brockwood has darker pastel brown scales (#836953), shiny and hardened with age. His undersidews are a lighter fawn brown. Across his scales are hints of silver or white, a pattern from his family line. On his face is a white stripe like that of a badger's. His LightWing crown is twisted as if each horn were a unicorn's horn.

Build: Due to his old age, Brockwood is tall, towering over even most SkyWings. He has broad shoulders and a muscular build.

Voice: Aslan

Scars: Brockwood has many scars; one on his throat, across his chest, and three across his hind leg. His tail is missing a large chunk of scales.

Accessories: He wears a light green cloak over his shoulders and two silver rings on his talons.



  • Brockwood, from his old age and experience, is a very wise dragon. He often grants his wisdom to those that need it, especially his Recorder and Siblings of Sanctuary.
  • Although it has been a long time since he's been on the battlefield, Brockwood is courageous; he is often the first dragon to disagree with others or say something otherwise against the general opinion.
  • Dragons are not known for their gentleness, however Brocktree is. He takes care of his grand-niece as if she were his daughter and has no memory of lashing out at her.




Dragonethood: Brockwood was hatched the lastborn dragonet of two wealthy LightWing nobles, Siobhan and Brockcrown. Brockcrown, Brockwood's father, was a descendant of a long line of LightWing nobles from the early foundings of the kingdom. They were known for their humility. Brockwood had three older siblings, all of them male. He was raised by his mother, Siobhan, and had a strong relationship with her. Brockcrown mainly trained his son in more physical matters, however Siobhan taught her son most of what he knows.

When Brockwood finally reached 7 years of age, he joined the LightWing Army after several years of training under his father. Yes, Brockwood was strong, muscular, and quite an intimidating dragon for his age, but military life - or domestic life - never held any appeal to him. After a year of service in the LightWing Army, Brockwood was discharged and set off across Pyrrhia.

Young Adulthood: Where he was going, Brockwood did not know. He spent many moons wandering LightWing territory, gathering the supplies he would need to cross the SandWing desert. He could always fly across the bay between the LightWing and SkyWings Kingdoms, however he wanted to see everything, even if it was a hot, killer desert.

He eventually started his journey across the desert. However, it didn't take long until he ran out of water and grew weak from dehydration. Brockwood woke up in a small village beside an oasis one morning and was told by his caretaker, an older SandWing dragoness, that her daughter had found him out in the desert, half-dead. He finally met his savior; she was a young dragonet named Leveret who had gone too far out into the desert and had happened upon him. She had been pulled from Jade Mountain Academy after attending for a few years and was being trained by her mother, Jill, to be a healer. She didn't much like this lifestyle and as soon as Brockwood told her about his plans she begged to come with him.

Needless to say, Brockwood had just found his lifelong best friend. Leveret definitely proved an asset; she knew the best ways to survive in the desert and when they arrived in the Scorpion Den she kept the two of them from being killed - quite a few times, actually.

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