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Totally based off of the Warriors character uwu

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Artist Wolfy
Background Information
Creator Wolfy
Main Attribute Optimism
Elemental Attribute Water
Theme Animal Cat
Theme Color Dark brown and Rosy pink
Theme Song "I'll Be Complete" by Blixemi
MBTI Personality ESFJ
Character Information
Age 5 (DY)
Gender Female
Orientation Lesbian (It's a headcannon don't get all offended)
Occupation Healer-Trainee
Tribe Mud/Rain
Goal Learn to be efficient without the use of her hind legs
Residence Possibility
Allies Rp with her!
Enemies Rp with her!
Likes Playing with Dragonets, Being helpful, Sweets
Dislikes Feeling useless, Swimming, 'Dirty' air (it makes it hard for her to breath)
Powers and abilities Good climber, can exhale a venomous smoke
Weapons Teeth, claws
Quote "You can pity me all you want, it won't effect how I view myself."

Do you think the stars know,

That they're seen from so far down below?

Or when the warm wind blows,

Does it tell the grass to grow?


Brair is a small, thin dragonet, with large wings and softly curved features. Her build is mostly that of a RainWing, but with slightly wider shoulders and a more box-like snout that slopes gently downwards. Her hind legs and tail drag uselessly behind her, making her front legs more powerful and fit.

Her scales are mainly a dark, chocolate brown, with lighter undertones and highlights. She has Rose Pink markings down her side, and her spines down her neck are the same color.

Her horns and talons are long and thin, good for gripping on to bark and stone. They start off as a milky cream-brown, and fade to soft pink at the tips.

Briar's wings are large and flexible, with rosy-pink membranes. However, due to her back half being immobile, she cannot fly.

Why do you think the birds sing?

Do they think that someone's listening?

Or do they sing,

To try and chase away the snow?


And if the stars hid from the night,

Do you think that someone would realize

The light had died,

Or would they even know?


And if a silence filled the air,

Do you think that anyone would even care?

Would they be aware,

Of the mounting snow?


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