Background Information
Creator Moon
Infobox Artist Skyla
Main Attribute Ambition
Elemental Attribute Fire
Theme Animal ibis
Theme Colors gold, brown, hazel
Theme Song "On Top of the World" by Imagine Dragons
MBTI Personality ISTJ-A ("The Logistician")
Character Information
Age 9
Gender Female
Occupation writer (present), soldier (past)
Tribe MudWing, distant HiveWing blood
Goal to find a place where she belongs
Residence Possibility
Relatives none that she knows
Likes reading, writing
Powers and abilities
Ships Briar X Fennec (Brennec)


Briar is a dragon of mostly average appearance, and most likely she wouldn't stand out in a crowd. Her mainscales are a pale bronze color, overscales a deep orange, and her underscales are a honey yellow. Her large wings are a dark walnut brown with amber flecks. Her build is strong and stocky, though much of her mass comes from dragonetlike chubbiness rather than muscle. She is of average height- maybe a bit shorter than is average for a MudWing, but still much taller than a RainWing or SandWing. She has a broad, flat snout, though slightly more narrow than your typical MudWing's. Her ears are somewhat noticably larger than is normal, and perk up at the slightest of sounds.

Briar is sociable and honest, trying to avoid fighting when she can, and most might make the assumption that she is soft-willed or a pushover. If you, like many, were to make this assumption, you would be wrong. While she tends to be generally good-natured, she doesn't like it when other dragons try to get in her way. It's not easy to change Briar's mind about something- if she believes in something, she is extraordinarily dedicated to it, and nothing you say will stop her from going after what she wants. Briar can also be fairly judgmental, and combining these things with the fact that she doesn't get too attached to other dragons, Briar is very capable of turning on you in a second. There are few who have managed to push through Briar's hard outer surface, but those who have have gained a lifelong friend. Briar much prefers sitting inside and reading- or writing- a story to going outside and interacting with dragons. Her extensive knowledge of reading and writing helps Briar to always seem to know what to say.



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