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Hatched in a cave in the Rainforest Kingdom, with their four hatch mates.  RaptorYin, Boison, and Current.  This exotic group is known for their feathers, yet each dragonet is unique and beautiful.  They were being trained by their guardians, until they turned two and were sent to school.  They were together in the same winglet, until they turned 4.5.  This school had only 5 Dragonets in each winglet, so they were lucky to be together.

When they turned 4.5, they went to a larger school, where they were separated.  The five winglets at this large school each included one of these unique Dragonets.  

All the dragonets at their schools had always thought the group was strange and hideous.  Though, some Dragonets had warmed eventually, but, they never actually became friends, just common acquaintances.

For future reference for history see Feel the Vibes.  It's a comic based on them and their hatch mates.

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