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Brackish is a Seawing/Mudwing hybrid that looks like a true mix between the tribes, unlike his sisters who look almost entirely like only one tribe.

His bodyshape is largely Seawing at a first glance, but the less noticeable features lean towards his Mudwing side. He has the strong tail and upright wings of seawings, as well as gills and a ridge of webbing on his back. His body is strong and muscular with ridgid angles and an intimidating stature. His scales are a murky blue color, almost like taking navy blue and adding brown to the mix. He has glowing scales in most of the places they should be present, but not all of them.

Brackish isn’t one for jewelry, only opting to wear a cord around his neck with an iron fishing hook.


Brackish isn’t exactly one to back away from a fight. He’s a fighter and a leader, not a negotiator, and he only believes in winning or loosing. Nothing in between.

Brackish loves a challenge, games, arguments, fights, he just loves competition. Brackish will zone in and defeat anyone in his path with relentless determination. Tenacious is probably the best way to describe him. Tenacious and ready for battle.

He isn’t the smartest dragon, or at least not smart on a test. He can’t do reading comprehension tests or calculate numbers in his head but give him a chess board and a reason to play and he becomes a formidable opponent. 

Brackish has a soft spot for his less competitive sisters, but he honestly prefers his band of adolescent Mudwing and Seawing friends to them in most cases. Not to say that he doesn’t love his family, because he most certainly does. It’s just that to Brackish there’s nothing better than a not-so friendly competition with his friends. 


TBD once I think of something.


Saline (Will make a page): His slightly older sister. He loves her in a sibling way, but they aren’t the closest or super-friends my any means. He doesn’t really like his sister’s protective attitude, especially when he doesn’t let him go do dumb things with his friends

Fresh (Will make a page): His slightly younger sister. He loves her in a sibling way, but they aren’t the closest or super-friends by any means. He likes her more than Saline, but doesn’t love her super positive personality, or her insistence to never leave a friend behind.

Crest: His Seawing father and the only famil member that Brackish really likes. His competitive attitude and aggressive nature make him perfect for his only son.

Lamb: His mudwing mother who might be Crest’s perfect opposite. She’s like Fresh and Saline combined. Happy, positive, protective, sympathetic. Nothing that Brackish can really bond over.

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