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Bracken had golden scales that he stained greenish brown to appear like other MudWings. He has dark brown, almost black eyes, and is an average build for a MudWing (chubby yet muscly). His wings are a slightly lighter greenish brown, and his markings are more of a yellowish greenish brown than the rest of his scales (they were harder to dye in Bracken’s experience).


Bracken is a very curious little dragonet, also going outside to explore Pyrrhia, well, the Mud Kingdom mostly. He’s too scared to go outside of it. Bracken is usually a rule follower, only straying outside of them when curious overtakes him. He is extroverted, clear-headed, decisive, loyal, and innovative. He’s also shown as being insecure at times, as well as somewhat close minded.


Bracken has animus magic, otherwise he has normal MudWing abilities


Bracken grew up in the Mud Kingdom, near the Sea Kingdom. He is the second youngest in his family, the youngest being his sister Duckweed. By the time he learned how to speak and fly and such, he began exploring his kingdom with the help of his sister, Algae. Maple advised against it, being the oldest sibling, known as the bigwings, but they didn’t listen. Bracken was born with golden scales with a brownish tinge to them, making him look like a SandWing. He didn’t like to be different, although he acted like quite the opposite. He wanted to look a bit normal, thanks to Algae’s ideologies. As the years progressed, he made few friends, preferring to stay independent, aside from his siblings. Bracken had a normal life, aside from enhanced curiosity levels.


Maple: Maple is his bigwings, and they have a pretty decent relationship sibling-wise. She does get mad at Bracken, but for good reasons

Algae: Algae is a smart dragonet, spending her casual time reading scrolls. Bracken comes to her whenever he wants to listen to her read. She has scrolls about history, geography, science, and culture.

Duckweed: Duckweed is Bracken’s youngest sister, not much is known about her.

Ex-King Darkstalker (canon): Bracken never believed in his existence, not until he rose again, that is.

Queen Moorhen (canon): Bracken fully respects his queen and will do anything for her, no matter what.


-Wings of Fire - Wash Them Out


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