Bottlenose is a aqua and light pink Seawing. Weirdly, she has the royal Seawing spirals on her wings. No one knows why she has them even though she isn't royal, but Queen Coral thinks she is related to her, so she acts like her mother. She also has a unique color of eye, which is a purplish, greenish color. Bottlenose likes to wear a necklace with a small skyfire rock on it ( she doesn't know what they do). She also wears strands of pearls in her horns, chest, and neck. She has also enchanted some of the pearls on her neck to give her the power to shapeshift into any living thing. Dragons also treat Bottlenose as a princess.


Bottlenose is a fierce dragon and acts nothing like a princess. She is brave, tough, and a powerful fighter. Sometimes she is a nice dragon, but most of the time she is like her sort of sister, Tsunami. She also likes to go on hunts alone, which she does well as a hunter because if he shapeshifting abilities. She knows she isn't royalty because her parents were just soldiers in the war. This doesn't stop her from acting a little bit like a princess.


Bottlenose grew up as a parentless dragon, and finding ways to survive. One day when she was about 2, a dragon happened to notice her wings and she took her straight to Queen Coral because of the spirals on her wings. Queen Coral saw her as a daughter and became her adoptive mother. Bottlenose has tried to act like a princess, but she always messes up. Queen Coral doesn't take notice of this and treats Bottlenose like a helpless dragonet. She gives her pearls and she makes sure she is following her wherever they go.

Bottlenose faked the Talons Of Power test so no one would know she was animus. In her free time she likes to mess with all her animus-touched things. Bottlenose was chosen to attend Jade Mountain with some other Seawing dragonets, even though Queen Coral was sad to let her go She helped a shy Nightwing become brave and tough like her. She also made new friends including a Rainwing named Waterlily, a Rainwing/Nightwing hybrid named Majestic, Starseeker, the Nightwing she helped, and a Icewing named, Arctic Wolf.


  • Bottlenose is concerned to heir to he Seawing throne, but since Bottlenose isn't really a royal, she can't be
  • Bottlenose thought that a dragon that wasn't a Rainwing, not even the Nightwings, which lived with the Rainwings, would have eggs with one
  • Although she has used them many times, Bottlenose is afraid of her powers
  • Queen Coral almost refused to let Bottlenose go to Jade Mountain because she liked having the company of Bottlenose


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