Boiling is a female pink SkyWing who adores plants. A student in the Sky Kingdom, Boiling is a peacemaker and plant lover, but way too childish and loud for not only her sake, but for others as well. One day, Boiling wishes to gain ownership of a plant store, along with being the greatest daughter Pyrrhia ever.


A rare colour, but still a SkyWing colour, Boiling is a pale pink. She has a straight yet skinny face, a rikidy snout. Her eyes are a slight purple, happiness through her pupils. Boiling has a birght mangeta flower that looks a lot like a bow in her horns, and becomes really timid if anyone touches it. Her horns are almost metallic, a combination of purple and pink.

Boiling has a pake pink underbelly, same colour as her face. Her scales consist of pale pink to metallic pink. Boiling's neck is very plump, yet cheerful. Her wings are like normal SkyWings, large. Her membranes and baby pink, tiny petals dotting them. Her flesh has a gradient, from pale pink to a deep and bright one, with polished wing claws.

Boiling's talons are very small, incredibly harmless to others. Boiling has blunt claws with the end like paper, a tiny mengeta petal stuck to them. Her legs seem skinny, and they shiver and tremble when Boiling is frightened. Her tail is long, a bright pink flower on the end.


Boiling had the normal SkyWing abilities, able to breath extremly hot fire. She's also an extremely fast flier, winning a bunch of races at her school. However, she never uses her hostile abilites, horribly afraid and scared of hurting anyone: bullies, friends, evil family member, she'll never use it.


Boiling has great knowledge of plants. She can care for them instantly, and knows facts no one else does. Boiling is also a very great public speaker, able to talk in front of a crowd with ease.


Boiling, as a young kid, is loud and childish. She doesn't take threats too hard at first, but then freaks out when she finds out they are actually willing it do it. Boiling is also sensitive, a lot of crying triggered easily.





"Watch it! I don't want you hurt! Mummy said if you don't eat your greens, a wolf will come and attack you!"

"Hi, I'm Boiling! Do you wanna be friends with me?"


"This plant is extrodinary, isn't it? It's rare and only found near the trees!"



BoilingRH - ReverbtheDragon

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