Bluebird is the younger sister of Midnight Blizzard. She belongs to The Streamy Gamer Cat.


Bluebird, unlike her elder sister, is a pure tempestwing. She has dark violet-red scales and bright violet, almost magenta transitional scales, with light purple underscales. Her wings are a lighter violet-red with white stripes. Her eyes are bright blue, and she is trying to persuade her mother to let her have a blue bird-shaped earing.


Being a young, rather naive dragonet, she is energetic and bouncy, rarely able to sit still. Despite her naive tendencies and lack of knowledge of the real world, she can be very mature under certain circumstances. She is generally friendly and fun, and gets flustered easily. Sometimes she is a bit of a dramatic, as she is exceptionlly skilled at acting, and can even cry on command. Despite this, she is spoiled due to her upbringing as the youngest in the family and by the time she was born their family was very well-off, and innocently insensitive. Because of this she is often lazy and will only focus on the things she wants to do (like playing) and often relies on others to do things for her. She becomes grumpy easily and will sometimes scream and shout, usually when only around her family.

Blue can be judgemental and often jumps to conclusions about other dragons. She is quick to act on these conclusions and her opinion on another dragons is quickly set and is hard to change.

Although her personality makes her seem brave, Bluebird can be scared rather easily and seeks physical comfort (usually in the form of her older sister giving her hugs) when something bad happens. She can also be very clingy.


By the time Bluebird hatched, her family was very well off. WIP


  • a smol child
  • likes gathering insects
  • when her insect friends die she dyes their body parts and makes insect art/collections
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