The world can be a nasty place

You know it, I know it, yeah

"I'm BlueMoon."


She has the build of a NightWing, sleek and graceful. Her legs are like a SeaWing's, as is her tail. Her wings are silver and star-covered, but the stars are royal blue. Her talons are purple, and the webs between them are silver and covered in blue specks. Her tail is long and could easily sweep a dragon of their feet. Her snout is long and narrow. She could be a pretty dragon, if not for the one horn on the back of her head, where two horns should be. If not for the abnormally thin neck. If not for the lack of two bones in her wings, leaving only the main bone to hold them up.

We don't have to fall from grace

Put down the weapons you fight with

"I know. I'm weird looking. I... I'm fine

with you saying it."


BlueMoon is kind, she often lends a talon to others. She pretends she doesn't mind other dragons staring, but really, deep down, it hurts. Not many like her, as they see her as a abnormality. She believes that every dragon has at least a speck of good in them. She is quietly observant of the world.

And kill 'em with kindness

Kill 'em with kindness

Kill 'em, kill 'em, kill 'em with kindness

"I never knew my parents. i was raised in a orphanage."


BlueMoon never knew her parents. She was given to a orphanage, the kind that beat little dragonets for walking funny. She finally got adopted by a old NightWing couple, who sent her to a NightWing/RainWing school, and she was laughed at by a gang of dragonets: Inkblot, Greyspike, and Violetscales.

They constantly tricked her and manipulated her and got her in trouble. Finally, she quit playing their petty games and didn't pay attention to them at all. They always kept getting her in trouble, but the old couple that raised her had taught her well- "Cruelty is a sign of weakness." She learned to stand up for herself.

After five years of living with the old NightWings, they died of old age. In despair, Bluemoon ran away to the marshes of the Mud Kingdom. They eventually found her and chased her out. Soon, she made residence on an old cliff overlooking the sea. Every day, she would go to that cliff and stare at the water below, wishing she could fly over the water. One day, while doing this, Bluemoon felt something push her- and turned around as she fell just in time to see the face of Inkblot. She crashed into the sea. She was never heard from again.

That is, if you lived on Pyrrhia....

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