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claws off
she / her • torchy • rain / sky • sass-filled feminist •

Dizzy 3

you say feminist like it's a bad thing...
Creator 🧭
Artist type here
Coder 🌊
Attribute sass / spunk / intelligence / annoyance / mouth / nerdiness /
Element prisms / molten crayons / shredded comic books / rainbow hued ribbons / silver daggers /
Color crimson / yellow / blue / white / black /
Animal flerken
Song speechless remix ~ furi
Age 15
Gender female
Orientation g a y
Occupation student / physics lover / major nerd /
Tribe sky / rain
Goal to bring equality / to get her mom off her tail /
Residence new possibility
Relatives thrash / mother.
Allies stormsurge
Enemies her mom (not really) / her cousins / bullies / homophobes / jerks /
Likes writing fanfics / pop art / being rebellious / doing stunts / adraneline / superheroes / comics / physics / cats / feminism / equality / boxing / respect / salty foods / french fries / collecting action figures / running / skateboards / rock music / dancing / having fun / nighttime /
Dislikes homophobes / sexism / being told what to do or who to be / feeling ruled / feeling trapped / stupid rules / homework / jerk faces / dresses / bones / gore / insects / ladybugs /
Strengths intelligent / fast /
Weaknesses lack of common sense / not very physically strong /
Weapons skateboard / selfie stick /
Love Interests stormsurge
Quote "why can't life be as easy as it is in comic books?"


A canvas of smooth, matte grey scales, long twisting horns, as yellow as freshly painted sunshine. A bendy, short build, soft, yet fit, some could say. Completely reflecting the sky nature of her heritage, yet the rather sizable frill behind her coyote-like ears reflect the blood of rain coursing through her veins.

Crimson, like blood, or retro paint, splashes across her wings, and underbelly; while a softer pale blue lights along her secondary scales, and face. Her eyes are sharp, and annoyed, fiercely yellow, corrected by small silver glasses, magnifying her stink eye to perhaps twice the degree.

A twisty, prehensile tail curls behind her, and a smug little frown is displayed on her snout most of the time.

An oversized white shirt hides her frame, it has a lightning bolt on the front, matching her earrings, while a pride rainbow flag proudly shines from her shoulder. Countless colorful plastic bangles draped from her bony wrists.


Loud insults, head held high, balled fists...

Just from a vacant run-in with this colorful creature,


  • dad was a comic book nerd / mom was a wealthy bank manager
  • dad left when blow was little / too much responsibility
  • mom was left to care for their kiddo
  • STRICT but out of love / didn't want blow to be like her dad / wanted her to be well to do and independent
  • REBEL didnt like her mom / lots of fights since she was always pressuring her to hang around the boring stick in the mud rich kids
  • always pressured with school and high grades
  • skipped class one day when it all was too much / found a tiny comic book shop
  • found her haven
  • stayed there after school every day until her mom found her comic collection and threw them out
  • screaming match / mom yelled why couldn't she just be more like her?
  • blow screamed back why can't you just love me for who I am???
  • blow grabbed her books and ran away
  • sobbing she ran into a cool green girl
  • gets knocked down
  • sees stormsurge and is like OMG
  • the become friends / than gfs later owo I think


  • "oh, did my feminism mess up your sexist joke, i'm sorry. wait, no i'm not..."


  • mom doesn't like gay / makes blow really sad
  • based off ms marvel
  • loves comics
  • feminist
  • adores cats and superheroes
  • outspoken
  • dumb when it comes to common sense
  • reckless
  • fun


unleash hell

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