Bloodseeker RainWing, female, age 5 Normal abilities of RainWings, plus her venom burns faster than normal venom.


Her mother, Acidic, was the first RainWing assassin to leave the Rainforest Kingdom and head to the Scorpion Den during the War. Acidic was the secret poison and weapon supplier of Qibli's mother, Cobra.

When Bloodseeker was 2, Acidic brought her along to all her assassinations. On one assassination, Acidic let Bloodseeker kill a SkyWing, handing her daughter a knife and telling her to kill him as brutally as she could.

Bloodseeker was hesitant at first, but she sprayed her venom on the knife and raked it across his neck, the scales melting and the dying dragon screaming.

From the second his body fell over, Bloodseeker's mind was opened to the sadistic, bloody, brutal art of killing. Personality: Extremely sadistic, laughs uproarously whenever someone gets hurt, and is normally found chanting creepy songs and poems. She carries a curved knife, which is wickedly sharp, in a pouch around her chest. It's also filled with poisons and chakrams for her to use.

(In my fanfic, She is in the Silver Winglet with Shard and Rain, but is switched to the Gold Winglet with Ash after a student is found dead (courtesy of her.) Bloodseeker loves to smear the blood of her victims across her pale white and pink scales to color them, since she can't change them except to camouflage. 


"Ha ha ha haaa! Go on, bleed! Bleeeed! Let's see that beautiful blood flow!" "Bloodseeker...sounds like a NightWing name, huh?" "Lemme ask you a question...Did you EVER think you'd get killed by a RAINWING?"  "One, two, Death is comin' for you! Three, Four, So MUCH fun gore!"

Full song:

"One, two, Death is coming for you,

Three, four, so MUCH fun GORE!

Five, six, give your shattered bones a fix,

Seven, eight, by then it'll be MUCH too late

Nine, ten, so good to see you BLEED again...."

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