• DarkusDragon


    February 21, 2019 by DarkusDragon

    Things that I want to do right now:

    • go to sleep
    • go to sleep
    • pass out because I’ve been awake for an hour now
    • go to sleep
    • have I mentioned go to sleep?
    • I don’t want to be awake at 4:21 am is what I’m trying to say here
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  • Totally not Darkstalker

    I am going to release it here because I have no self confidence.


    Mad Scientist Road Trip

    Step One: Stop Summoning Dinosaurs

    Recording device switches on, the sound of cars on the wet road.

    ???: Do Y'all need a ride!?

    Alice: ...yes?

    ???: Wait a sec. Your not a fair folk, right?

    Alice: No. Why would you think that?

    ???: Your nose is green.

    Alice: Oh. uh... How many fair folks have you accidentally given a ride?

    ???: More than you would expect. About five?

    Alice: More than expected.

    The sound of the device being dropped

    Alice: Why did you just make me catch stale bread?!

    ???: It drives off fay.

    Alice: It drives off most people.

    ???: Does it drive you off?

    Alice: Sadly… no.

    Getting into a car.

    Alice: You know this reminds me of a quote.

    ???: You’ve piqued my int…

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  • SkyFireStone

    occupations drawn by me

    February 21, 2019 by SkyFireStone

    oh no

    click for better size

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  • DewSpectrum11

    alrighty so Mist Rising won!!

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  • SunsettheRainwing

    I get it. RainWings, IceWings, and NightWings are very popular. Sometimes they overshadow the rest in the fandom, but this shouldn't change your view of the tribes in the books. I've seen several comments saying "I want to kill all RainWings and NightWings!" or "IceWings can die!" and I think it's a little...scary?

    Maybe I'm just defensive because RainWings are cool and I like them, as well as NightWings and IceWings. But I also like MudWings, SandWings, SkyWings, and SeaWings. I can understand having a preference like "I don't think NightWings are that cool" or "SeaWings are kinda boring" but  saying the entirety of a tribe can die is kinda salty (not to mention makes you look like a psychopath)

    Unpopular opinion: these three tribes AREN'T …

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  • Oceanshell

    Diamond's Curse

    February 20, 2019 by Oceanshell

    Will be a fanfiction. This page is just for planning. Set in the Ice Kingdom, main characters one and two listen to a story told by a teacher in their school. Suddenly, their teacher, a NightWing IceWing Hybrid gives a prophecy. WIP

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  • XSabxManiacX

    Jewel Hive

    February 20, 2019 by XSabxManiacX

    I just noticed that most HiveWing OCs live in Jewel Hive


    Thats a lot

    Better make OCs who live in other Hives ;-;

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  • TheRavenclawNerd

    I just needed to write all this down...

    Okay, so, school started a few weeks ago and I was excited, as I am a nerd. I walk into school all pumped and find out I'm in the same class as last year, which is good as well because it's a top class with fairly decent people in it. All seemed good, all seemed fine. I go to my classes, it was Thursday which is when my school has sport and assembly, which take up one period each. This meant I had three classes, which were Art, Japanese and Technology. I was stoked about having three of my favorite classes in one day. At the end of the day we had house meetings instead of sport, as it was the first day. Everyone, excluding Year Sevens, would be dismissed during this meeting to choose what sports they'…

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  • XXX Icestar XXx


    February 20, 2019 by XXX Icestar XXx


    • means Wet with tears in islandic
    • Made of synthetic PlastiSkin
    • Not a dragon 
    • Blue, Dark purple Teal, green
    • Venomous and fast
    • No wings
    • Three legs
    • Four eyes
    • Long spikes down back
    • Like a DRAKE


    Background Information
    Creator XXX Icestar XXx
    Main Attribute Shadows
    Elemental Attribute Earth
    Theme Animal Panthera Pardus(Jaguar)
    Theme Color Navy
    Theme Song ADD
    MBTI Personality INTJ
    Character Information
    Age Unknown
    Gender Unknown
    Orientation Unknown
    Occupation None
    Tribe None
    Goal Unknown
    Residence Unknown
    Relatives None
    Allies None
    Enemies All
    Likes Unknown
    Dislikes Unknown
    Weapons Fangs, Claws, Speed
    Powers Venom
    Quote None













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  • SincerelySerenity

    Oh my god this is like the third time I've had to confirm that I'm NOT DEAD. I'm super sorry.

    Good news? I passed my mid-terms! No more stress! Well accept the every day stress of keeping good grades oof. I've been responding to messages on my wall about my profile picture and whatnot. Yes it IS Art and yes I DID draw it myself.

    Ummmmm.... What else?

    Oh, I've started using Autodesk Sketchbook and Medibang for art... so if I ever do art requests you can expect better quality I guess? I'm not doing anything right now because I'm still learning lol.

    I haven't been doing any new pages or whatever because I have no inspiration lol. I haven't been blogging because I have nothing interesting to talk about lol.

    And I've ended almost every sentence in t…

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