• SeaWingsareValid

    I have yet ANOTHER idea for a fantribe! I call them the HeatWings, who once inhabited the volcanic island where the NightWings lived. They were massacred by the NightWings, however, and have been extinct since the time of Darkstalker.

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  • The Wolves Heart

    10,000 edits lol

    August 25, 2019 by The Wolves Heart

    Idk why

    I’m at 9,999 lol


    I’m a good citezen

    And crazy cause I have 10k

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  • UndertaleTrashowo

    oh my god

    August 25, 2019 by UndertaleTrashowo

    might contain spoilers for the promised neverland idk

    i just watched all of the first season of the promised neverland and i am,, shook,, its just a perfect mix of amazing, creepy and sad....,.,., ive never cried so much in one day my child DIED. theN RAY WANTED TO DIE AND HE TRIED TO SET HIMSELF ON FIRE AND IM JUST


    the mom's backstory or whatever was just so., sad,,, i never guessed that ray was her son and im just ugh im shook okay,,

    thanks for reading this or whatever

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  • Cloud of the IceWings


    August 25, 2019 by Cloud of the IceWings

    my inspiration has poofed out the window anyone have a way to get it back? helpful thoughts? anything so i stop melting into a puddle of procrastinating uselessness?

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  • Dragonarrow5767


    August 25, 2019 by Dragonarrow5767


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  • WildLoner

    Hey everyone!

    Anybody who reads it, I want to say: I'll be inactive for short time! 

    It's because I'm going on vacation! If you have any requests - patiently wait to 31th August (or in USA time, 30th August). I'll don't responsing, because I'll don't have any tablets or smartphones on holidays. 



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  • InterGalacticFly

    Bad doodles

    August 25, 2019 by InterGalacticFly

    Just some bad character doodles. :P

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  • Stardust the IceWing-RainWing
    • Anhinga
    • Cotinga
    • Dusky
    • Serein
    • Speckled
    • Verbena
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  • Nibby the Bird

    hi i know im not really active here anymore (i promise it's not drama or anything im just not into my wof ocs anymore, watch ill get hyperfixated on them in two weeks and edit here like crazy). 

    but anyways i see a lot of back-to-school-leaving blogs which is really making me sad, good luck to all of you guys in school!! i feel kinda apathetic tbh, i mean the school year isnt going to be any better than last because that's just the nature of high school but w/e. if anybody needs academic tips or homework help or whatever hit me up!

    in other news the amazon is deliberatly set on fire in order to make land for illegal gold mines with the direct intention of hurting the indigenous people there. please, if you are capable, donate to an indigenou…

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  • MorphoTheRainWing

    Shading practice

    August 24, 2019 by MorphoTheRainWing

    I drew a SilkWing to practice my shading and scale-drawing. I’m very proud of it! I’m not looking for critiques, I just wanted to share this.

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