• Luckylefthanded

    Blog thing?

    July 2, 2020 by Luckylefthanded

    Woah, this thing wack

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  • MilesDreamsicle323

    UH. So last blog!

    I was arguing with myself. And uh. Miles and Dream were arguing about fangirling.

    so it's been revealed.

    i'm a cursed fnaf fangirl

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  • AlphaOfOtakus

    Hello, y'all! So anyways, I have this OC named Helia, but the problem is...I'm out of ideas! h e l p ! Plz give me some tips...and hehe...draw me some art of Helia?

    ok im sorry

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  • Dragons of destiny

    yeh, i wanted to make this a "6000 edits" blog but i was too lazy and somehow i made 118 edits after so, yeah?

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  • MilesDreamsicle323

    SO THIS TURNED INTO A BLOG ABOUT ME BEING A WILLIAM AFTON FANGIRL- Okay is the title not self explanatory?

    So. Explanation for my username

    Miles and Dreamsicle. Both me!

    Miles is more of the stubborn, clumsy tsundere side where as Dreamsicle is that sweet, agree-with-everything deredere side.

    So basically Miles is the 'bad' side while Dreamsicle is the 'good' side.

    hehe observations.

    anyways wanna here some arguments between the two (or... myself IG)?

    the fangirling (this was really recent):

    M: @cloud how dare you >:( i am not fangiring over ANYTHING
    D: miles you know that's a lie.
    M: shut up
    D: you're fangirling over william afton 90% of the time you idiot
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  • Iceshadow84


    July 1, 2020 by Iceshadow84

    Sunwings live in a dessert between he Sandwings and the Skywings. This includes the Claws of the Clouds Mountains.

    Sunwings are greatly weakened when they are cold or don't absorb enough sun. If this happens too many times, then Sunwings could die when the moon rises and it starts to get cold. It is important that Sunwings get enought time in the sun. They should get approximately 15 hours of sun a day. Sunwings are able to stare at the sun without being blinded, but they have poor night vision due to them being in the sun so often. Sunwings scales do light the way at night some.

    Sunwings have poisonous venom in their claws. Also, Sunwings carry fire daggers.

    Queen: Tropic

    King: Gobi

    Princesses: Paradise, Sahara, Shimmer, Shine

    Princes: Cactus, …

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  • Arkiyu

    Art Requestsssssssss.

    July 1, 2020 by Arkiyu


    Ight, imma do art request even though nobody's will request lel.

    I will only do dragons, and no landscape backgrlunds, sorry.

    Your request requires a picture.

    No form as of now.

    I have the right do decline you, don't throw a hissy fit, just request another oc.

    One per user for now.

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  • Arkiyu

    Imma just copy the thing from the Add-on fic)

    Arkiyu was reading their BFDI character guide book or something like that. They had a Fiery and Foldy plush next to them, with Avatar on the tv. "TURN OFF THE TV IF YOUR NOT USING IT DUM-DUM." Cartoon screeched . Ok, so all of this things  WoF ocs where all in one mansion, perhaps they would get along. Ight, when I mean get along, I mean they literally never get along. Beside the nice ones, or course.

    "AVATAR HELPS MY EARS. SHUSH." Arkiyu screeched, slashing their tail.

    "Shut up." Copper said, but he was talking to Flare. "What did I do wrong?" He hissed, then Copper slapped him. Everybody near gasped, " OH NO IT'S COINY AND FIREY! " Nitro said in her female text to speech voice.

    "Omg, like my ear d…

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  • Redwood93

    So I was thinking:

    "Do people actually like my art?"

    I'm not sure, if you don't please vote and if there's a style I could change to I'd like that.

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  • Hinatoes

    sup nerds

    July 1, 2020 by Hinatoes
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