Blackstone is a male NightWing, created by SimplyPlanning.


Blackstone's short life has not been extraordinary, but he has tried to be. He was raised by parents who had high expectations, and was more than willing to rise to those expectations.

Though not the best fighter and lacking any of the powers for which NightWings were known, he was determined to be great at something. He tried his hand (talon?) at the various arts, but found that most did not interest him.

He did, however, take an interest in literature. He read every scroll he could get his claws on, and even wrote a little. All new information was fascinating to him.

His studious nature was noticed, and he was sent to Jade Mountain Academy to learn about the other tribes firsthand (talon?) and impress them with how smart NightWing dragonets are.


Blackstone has greenish black scales, a dark green underbelly, and green eyes. He is small and slight in build.


Blackstone is highly intelligent and eager to learn. He is very reserved and tends to avoid social interaction. He takes everything far too seriously, constantly thinking about the most practical approach and often forgetting to actually be a dragonet.

He is way too sarcastic for his own good. Partly due to his lack of powers, he has what can only be called an inferiority superiority complex--he prides himself on his intellect and makes it abundantly clear, but he secretly wonders if he'll ever be good enough to meet his parents' and his own standards.


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Another dragon from his winglet. They banter like an old married couple.


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To be determined.


Another dragon from his winglet. Despite their differences, the two bear something resembling mutual respect.


  • Coincidentally, Blackstone is the name of a city in Virginia.
  • He is loosely based upon what SimplyPlanning was like in high school.
  • He forms a "brains, brawn, and beauty" power trio alongside Caribou and Harpy. He's the brains of the operation.


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A typical NightWing.

Blackstone ref

official lineart by Joy Ang, colored by Sandstorm135.


By Draykin2.


black stones.