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Blackberry is a female NightWing-LeafWing hybrid.


Blackberry is a very dark green, almost black, color. She has yellow-green eyes. She has leaf-shaped wings like a LeafWing but has NightWing-like spikes instead of the LeafWing webbing along her back. She looks mostly like a LeafWing, with some brownish-yellow spots along her belly and wings, and a leaf-shaped fin on her NightWing-like tail. She also has a forked tongue, like a NightWing. She is large for a LeafWing or a NightWing.


Blackberry is a quiet, shy dragon who loves being out in nature and stargazing. She can get very annoyed when she hasn't had enough sleep and hates to be bothered while she is exploring places, especially nature. She also gets embarrassed when dragons talk of her crush on Milkweed, who is a very small dragon, and joke of "the big dragon" being in love with "the small dragon." Usually her tactic in these situations is to ignore the dragons saying these things and walk away. You might call her a passive dragon, but she can also be very aggressive when something threatens nature or Milkweed. Rarely, she is sarcastic. She also gets nervous sometimes, especially when doing dangerous or forbidden things. Despite this, she has a talent for debate and arguing.


Blackberry was born to Angiosperm, the LeafWing queen of Anisoptera, and Cosmic, her NightWing mate. By poking around Angiosperm's palace on Anisoptera, she discovered that her mother had been either killing or torturing her advisors (one from each tribe, except for the LeafWings), except for her mate, Cosmic. She told her mother on the former's second birthday that Angiosperm should stop doing that, and let the surviving advisors tell the truth about her. This led to Angiosperm banishing Blackberry into the harsh wilderness of Anisoptera, hoping that her daughter would not survive.

However, Blackberry was clever, and learned to live off the jungle fruits and plants with the help of the animals living there. She also developed a love of nature, exploring, and astronomy. Later, she met Milkweed, a female SilkWing-IceWing hybrid, and developed a crush on her.



Blackberry hates Angiosperm for what the latter did to Blackberry and to Angiosperm's advisors, and has a small piece of her heart that wishes revenge on her.


Blackberry doesn't hate her father quite as much as her mother but still dislikes him because of his alliance with Angiosperm. She wishes he would see sense and break away from the LeafWing.


Blackberry is very close to Milkweed and has a crush on her. She loves spending time with the SilkWing-IceWing hybrid and getting to know her better. She also admires Milkweed's knowledge of astronomy and is always happy to learn from her.

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