Bitttern is the brother of Heron and Gallinule and a nurse.


Bittern is a small, sleek MudWing with a rather skinny neck he prefers to keep folded back. He points in his toes to make his long legs seem a bit less long. His underscales are creamy yellow, his main scales are tan-brown, and his top scales are a medium grey-green olive. His main scales are streaked with dark brown scales and his eyes are pale orange. He is a scribe, meaning he always carries a wooden slate pencil behind his ear and a green pouch to hold his slate.


Bittern is rathr eager and clever, and likes to think of himself and flirty and charming, when he wants to. however, he can become sleek and quiet if he desires. He;s not spoiled, but he's used to getting what he wants and when he wants it, and has the drive of his older sister to make thar happen.  He also is very set on getting an apprenticeship at the MudWing Doctor Alliance. He was constantly pleading to his older sisters and Typha to let him get the job, and created a new rank there-- apprentice, who wears a pink cloth instead of a blue one. 

Abilities and Job

Bittern is a small and light MudWing, who prefers scrambling over rocks, climbing down into gorges and rivers, and crouching in cattails to fighting and clawing. He has a very quiet presence and often goes unnoticed when he goes into the village. He picks up on a lot of news and gossip this way, and reports this to Typha.

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