Hey you there don't steal her, she's my OC, so yeah. Steal and I murder you. Ok bye.

Background Information
Creator The Shadowstalker
Main Attribute type here
Elemental Attribute Nature
Theme Plant Weeping Willow
Theme Color Green
Theme Song I Want to Live (Skillet)
Character Information
Age 7
Gender Female
Occupation Runaway
Tribe LeafWings
Goal To defeat Wasp and free her tribe
Nickname Leafy
Residence Near the Scorpion Den
Relatives A deceased father

A mentally unstable mother

Allies Shadowstalker, Millennium, Saw-Scales, Solarflare, Crimson, Parakeet, Tidalstorm, Sleet, Velvet, Iris, Raptor
Enemies Wasp, Vulture, The Talons of Power
Likes The forrest, her tribe
Dislikes Heat, Wasp
Powers and abilities N/A
Weapons Her claws and teeth
Quote I may not know nothing else, but I know this: I want to live


Birch has pale green scales and dark green horns. She has bright green eyes and Bright green/yellow green/blue stripes going down her neck and tail. She also has a pale pale green underbelly and a pattern of pale green/yellow green/blue wings.


Birch is a fierce LeafWing who will do anything for her friends. She doesn't understand sarcasm and metaphors like the other dragons do. She normally has a confused look on her face.




Work in progress.

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