Belle | She/Her | SilkWing/SandWing | Inventor

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Background Information
Creator Animal
Coder Pokeball
Infobox Animal
Main Attribute Bookworm
Elemental Attribute Grasslands
Theme Animal Horse
Theme Color Yellow
Theme Song type here
MBTI Personality type here
Character Information
Age 16
Gender Female
Orientation type here
Occupation Inventor
Tribe Silk/Sand
Goal To save her love
Residence Her workshop in Hornet Hive
Relatives Pocket-Mouse (father)
Allies Family, love
Enemies Wasp
Likes Reading, inventing, books
Dislikes Wasp
Powers and abilities Silk, antennae, survive heat and no water, blend into sand
Weapons Silk
Quote "Karner shouldn't have been arrested. One little slip, that was all!"


Belle has the body of a SilkWing, but the colors of a SandWing. Her frill is brown, like the Disney Princess' Belle's is. Her main color is a honey yellow, like Belle's dress. So are her horns. Her antennae, claws, patterns on wings and underbelly are light yellow. She has brown eyes and wings.


Belle is introverted, and likes to listen instead of talk. She is good at thinking, and always appears cool and calm. She is also very perseverant, and is trying to free her love from jail in Wasp Hive for stealing to feed a hungry dragonet. But, Belle likes to play first, work later, and likes to go to the library and check out as many books as she can.


Belle's mother died shortly after she was born. Luckily, Belle's father, Pocket-Mouse was in Pantala to raise her. Also an inventor, Belle fell in love with it from a young age. Belle loved to read as a child, and still does now. She especially loves adventure and fantasy stories. Now, after, her love, Karner, was jailed because he "stole" to give a poor and hungry dragonet something to eat. Belle strives to free him, and perseveres after many failed ideas.


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