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Background Information
Creator Jelly
Infobox Art FR art by Me
Main Attribute Her Tattoos
Elemental Attribute Space
Theme Animal Wolf
Theme Color Black/Lavender
Theme Song type here
Personality Clever,Sassy, and Caring
Character Information
Age 23
Gender Female
Orientation Straight
Occupation Tattoo artist, Information broker
Tribe Leaf/Night
Goal To raise her son
Residence Possibility
Relatives Want nothing to do with her.
Allies Magnum (mate), Lupin (Son)
Enemies Claw (Ex-mate)
Likes Tattoos, art, and family
Dislikes Liars, cheaters, and noble dragons
Powers and abilities Suttle mind reading, amazing artistic skills
Weapons Everything and anything
Quote “This is my cup of care! Oh look it’s empty.”

"I know looks aren’t everything, but I have them just in case."

Bellatrix is a Leafwing with Nightwing colored scales. Her main scale color is black, and her scale pattern is a lavender purple. Her top scales and underbelly are a darker lavender, and her wing webs, frill webs, and tail fin look as though they contain galaxies. Her eyes are a calm sapphire blue, and her claws are also a dark lavender. She has white tattoos on her neck, left shoulder, hips, and face that resemble leaves and flowers. She has a small silver nose ring that she wears on her left nostril, and a similar earring that she wears on her right ear.

"I hope karma slaps you in the snout before I do!"

~A customer that Bellatrix hated

"I will be your canvas."

"You ever come near my children again and I’ll rip out your teeth, tongue, and claws and make you a necklace out of them !"

"It’s not an attitude. It’s who I am."

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