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Background Information
Creator fear
Main Attribute mellow nature
Elemental Attribute light, flowers
Anthem 'Mine' - Bazzi
Character Information
Age 8 dyo
Gender female
Orientation big lesbiab. (not a typo)
Occupation journalist, student, explorer
Tribe SandWing
Goal to find the real purpose of life
Residence n/a
Relatives tba
Likes tba
Dislikes tba
Powers and abilities normal SandWing abilities
Weapons barb, talons, tail, teeth, fire
Quote -

Beetle is a female SandWing dragonet whom is currently traveling the world as an explorer, and a journalist. She's notably good friends with Eventide (Fear) and is the niece of an iconic fashion designer. Her whereabouts or current residence are unknown.

  • build: average height & weight. horns are straighter, slight downward curve. sail/spine is duller & smoother. scale pattern/texture is noticeably smoothed down. wings are larger, talons are straighter and/or shorter. snout is longer, narrower.
  • coloration: colors are reminiscent to the goldsmith beetle. pale gold with hints of greens mixed in. darker gradient among limbs (arms, legs, wings, and tail). green lining among some scales. spines are a syrup-esque color (subject to change.) with talons being a deep brown. eyes are dark with an emerald shine.
  • extra: scales are subtly reflective from the smoothed down nature of them.
  • pros: open-minded, understanding, accepting, generally optimistic
  • cons: lonesome, distant, can be cold or rude at times
  • other: has a thirst for adventure & knowledge
simplified: born & raised in the better parts of torridity. went to school at jma, then left before fully finishing; currently wanders the continent in search of reasons to maintain life.
  • theme song is likely 'Mine' by Bazzi (it is explicit!!)
  • cant cook well
  • can sing Very Well
  • if a human, she would likely take on bohemian attire
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