Created by Anime Chronos (formerly known as JingerFeatherpelt/JingerSong Productions). Based off of Beam from the Tumblr blog Justshapesandstupidity.


Beam is a large dragon, with the whole SkyWing build. His wings came in when he became six. His primary scale colors are a magenta or berry color, with an occasional cyan dot. His wings are SilkWing, and they are a less saturated pink. He always has his cyan headphones on for some reason, and he wears a pink-and-blue scarf given by Doryu. Beam's antennae are unusually long, and they're tipped with a dark pink. His underbelly is a dark pinkish-grey, fading to almost white nearing the head.


Beam is a shy dragon, and doesn't like to fight despite his size advantage. He found out he was manipulated and controlled by Prism, and decided that from the day he got his memories erased, he would be his own dragon.


He doesn't remember much from his past, other than "Annihilating dark shadow". But some anonymous dragon said that he could be his own dragon, like a Beam of Light. Actually, that's where his name came from. His original name was Blixer, but that name was only given because Prism was taking control of him.



Flight Rising reference


He is majestic

BeamRH - ReverbtheDragon

by ReverbtheDragon


Beam on the cover of Hope Found

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