Bast is a SandWing who attends Jade Mountain Acedemy in the Silver Winglet. Before she attended Jade Mountain, she lived in Sanctuary with Inferno the SkyWing as her neighbor. They became close friends and in their application to go to Jade Mountain, they specially requested to be in the same winglet. After being in school together, Bast and Inferno realized their love for each other, however, their relationship is very light-hearted and casual. 


Bast is very kind and warm. She is very optomistic, but not to the point of oblivion. She holds firm that, if their ever is another war, she will start another peace movement.  She hates conflict and if she is faced with conflict she will try to stop it, but usually she isn't very succesful as she fears making it worse. She has trouble standing up for herself when faced with an enemy, and is very lucky to have Inferno. She can be shy at times.


Bast is a light sandy baige, with specles of even lighter sand color on her wing membrances (not the webbing, the finger-things) and talons. Her back spines are a light brown. Her tail barb is smaller than average and her legs are slightly short. 


Inferno: Inferno is her boyfriend, but they don't really call it that. They bring out the best in each other and are in love, but their relationship is very lighthearted and casual. They feel comfortable around each other.

Egret (PomegranateTheRainWing854) They are friends because they have the same general veiw on the world. They both avoid conflict and fear judgement.

Cleverness: They kind of know each other through Inferno, but don't really talk or hang out much. Quite frankly, Bast isn't so sure how she feels about Cleverness obsessing over SandWings.

The rest of the Silver Winglet: Bast will try to break up any fights that they may have. 

Appears In

PomegranateTheRainWing854's Silver Winglet (and Other Students of Jade Mountain)


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