Tribe SeaWing
Age 34 dyo
Theme Barracuda
Gender male
Orientation straight
Lives in Northern Kindle
Loves n/a
Belongs to Fear. Please do not take anything from this page.

sturdily built. thick in some aspects of his body, namely around the neck, belly, and tail. limbs are a little short. wings are average. scarred heavily around the snout, but keeps them as trophy wounds. talons are seemingly never dull. dark blue-greys. silver eyes. glow stripes and dots are more towards the grayscale side of the spectrum. does have some jewelry.


conniving viper. "lacks" common sense. pretty close-minded unless truly begrudgingly willing to listen. not exactly the smartest but not blatantly stupid either. sadistic. angry. salty. flirty. yeah, lots of Pirate Traits in this one tbh-

  • Whisper - trusts with life
  • Lucre - the only rainwing he knows that could scar him up to how he looks now
  • Blackjack - got into a lot of fishy deals with blackjack even if they started as jokes
  • Canebrake - however with This Mans the fishy deals turned into games of cutthroat and russian roulette. respectable rivalry. they talk trash about one another but still its a rivalry what else do you expect?
  • Blackguard - unaware of his son's existence. probably wouldn't care too much anyways?
  • Corsair - HATRED too probably
  • Marquise - MMM hatred
  • Neophyte - on the fun from the blinded law

HMMMMM probably grew up in a middle class family, had enough to get by and eat and stuff and yeah. pretty normal upbringing, but had a strong fascination to pirate & gladiator-esque stories. eventually got caught with a Bad Crowd and wound up tagging along into the pirate gangs. went all around (to pantala, for example) and committed loads of crimes oop- eventually had a fling with a dragoness pirate rival and wwas left unaware that they had an egg together. one day, he up and disappeared! as if he were a ghost! (due to blackguard's storyline) but anyways now he is vaguely aware he has a son but still doesn't acknowledge him as one of his kin.


pretty normal seawing abilities. hes a HUSTLER and pick-pockets easily idk if that counts lmao


greedy little THING. he gets angered easily so like if youre fighting him and get him mad youve won the match


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