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Barn Owl is reddish with orange horns and yellow wings. Also he has orange claws and talons.


Barn owl is very respectful of other dragons decisions including the fact that his father was half Icewing. He can be very angry at times and fine the next moment.


His fire is cooler than normal Skywings and on cool days he doesn't have fire and how ever he breaths on instantly stays still for a couple hours but they don't die unless he breath in their mouth. Other wise he has Skywing abilities.


Long time ago

A long time before Barn Owl's egg was laid, a different egg was hatching no mother greeted it the cave in which it had hatched. The cave was studded with crystals like stars. The red dragonet peaked it`s head out. Then a rush of wings and another red dragon was there he said "Hello young Skywing my name is Reddawn. I am your father and your name will be ......" Reddawn hesitated looking him over. He went on "Fire (Snowclaw5553). Yes that is a fine name."

His egg

Flare, a female Skywing, came back to her nest only to find that five of her eggs were missing only one remained. Then a scavenger came in through a crack in the cave wall. She noticed that it held a blunt like thing. When it saw her it screamed and ran for the crack. It went inside and she rolled a boulder in front of the crack no other scavengers where going to get this one as she did this, the egg moved. She looked back at it and realized it was hatching good it wasn't going to die as an egg.


Today was the day of hatching and Barn owl was excited. Today Flare was going to tell him about his father, who had died two days before he hatched. His mother always seemed a little less happy that day but he always tried to cheer her up. It never worked. He found his mother in her cavern, “Flare guess what day it is!” He said happily. Flare looked at him with sad eyes and said “It’s your hatching day, I know Barn Owl.” Barn Owl was taken aback buy his mother’s sad look. “Flare, what’s wrong?”


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  • his mother was named after a song
  • a barn owl is a tpye of owl that lives well, in barns
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