Barbet is a 12-year-old female AviWing with red and yellow feathers that are tipped with white. She is very

beautiful and skinny, causing some dragons (even from other tribes) to have a crush on her. Barbet's claws are always sharpened and shiny.


Barbet knows she is beautiful and flirts with a lot of boys at the Future Jade Mountain Academy. Most of them see past this and tell her to stop, because she is a very rude and bossy dragon. Some of the dragons she flirts with are Aracari (AW) friends, her enemy, and completely ignore her. If Barbet doesn't get enough attention she will start pouting or showing off. There is only one thing good about her personality- she has a good sense of humor.


Barbet used to go to school in the AviWing kingdom with her former best friend Jacamar and Eagle. But when she arrived, she lied about trying to eat Saguaro, Aracari's pet bearded dragon. Jacamar isn't very smart, but he is a very logical thinker and told Barbet they were not going to be friends anymore. She didn't show it, but Barbet was very shaken up after that. She instantly hit Aracari whenever they walked past each other in the hallways. Lucky for her enemy, Catfish the SeaWing and MudWing hybrid usually trips Barbet with her tail.

She is in this Fanfiction.

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