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Banana is a pure neon yellow. His eyes are the same col9r as his glowscales: neon blue. He has black horns and black dots on his ruff.

Banana is kind of skinny for his age. But it helps him get around when praticing. He has a chipped toothnthat always is on the outside of his lip.


Banana is funny and somewhat daring. It was a dare that made be a fire dancer in the first place.


His SeaWing friend had said "Become a fire dancer!"

And Banana is true to his word. And now he is a fire dancer, with burns and blisters, but he holds on...


You wiggle in your seat. It is the first showing of Smoke Eaters Fire Dancers's in Pantala! Onstage comes a dark brown MudWing. A burst of scarlet fire come from his mouth. Behind him, blue lights flash. A yellow? SeaWing comes on stage.

Then to your surprise, a burst of fire came out of the SeaWing's mouth. SeaWings can't even breath fire!

You gaze in awe at the rest of the show. Stuff like a burning wooden sword smacking the MudWing. And them breathing fire in each other's faces.

After the show, you heard the cutest thing. A baby HiveWing dragonet squealed "Even thouh I can't breath fire, I will be like the SeaWing!"

There is a little meet & greet over on stage. You wander over to the SeaWing who looks surprisingly young. You ask him how he breathed fire.

"Magicians have to keep their secrets," He said, "so do I. "


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