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+ Appearance +

Badger is fairly tall and muscular, for a SandWing, and holds himself with an alert, yet slinking, posture that only has led some to compare him to a wildcat or snake. His long tail, large, wings, and long, hooked claws make him an excellent candidate for an assassin.

His base scales are a sharp, sandy tan that serves as a backdrop for the pale tiger-like stripes and speckling on his back scales. His underscales are a black with hints of dark tans.

The angular, handsome features of the SandWing assassin's face are highlighted by his eyes, which are, rather than the usually black, a dark amber, nearly black.

Badger has an unusually short frill that has several nicks and deep slashes in it. His horns are a creamy sand color that's streaked with black; they're fitted with leather, which attaches a sharp, barbed metal spike to the tip of each of his horns.

His claws are, as previously mentioned, long and hooked, meant to dig deep into something and shred it. His wingclaws are curved and aerodynamic, and his wings are huge, slightly smaller than a SkyWing of the same age or maybe even a couple of years older.

Badger's head is long and wide, but his snout tapers to a thin point; inside of his snout, his teeth are similarly lethal as his claws are. His eyebrow line is sharp, amplifying any expression he makes, and his head tapers slowly into his long neck.

Hooked over his already formidable claws are razor-sharp metal molds, held against his talons by leather. Badger also sometimes wears spiked armor.

+ Personality +

Badger seems intimidating and perhaps cruel at first, but he's really a very sweet dragon. He does enjoy scaring dragons at times, and he's very goofy and enjoys having prank wars with friends. Badger also likes tackle-hugging dragons (when he's not wearing his metal combat stuff).

He's very innovative, and even figured out a way to make a fake barb for Sunny's tail. Badger also is a talented blacksmith and inventor. He likes smithing and makes and sometimes sells armor and weaponry in the Scorpion Den.

In battle, he's very ferocious and uses his spiked armor and spiking to his advantage. Badger has actually killed dragonbite vipers before, and is very fierce against any enemy.


Sunny - Sunny is Badger's friend and partner in crime; he's teaching her smithing and she's doing very well. They have prank wars against each other and Badger also teaches her battle moves, etc. He will change the subject if confronted about this, but he probably has a crush on her....

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